Project Manager Cover Letter Templates

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As emphasized by Indeed, a leading job-hunting website, it will always be the best decision to send over a cover letter as well, supplementing your CVs or resume, when applying for any particular position. With that being said, hassle not for your project manager application! Here are our Free Ready-Made Project Manager Cover Letter Templates that you can get and use in an instant! These are thoroughly-researched according to the industry standards, ensuring you top-notch sample content with user-friendly customization. You might want to get this in MS Word, Apple Pages, or Google Docs; all file formats are instantly downloadable and printable! Want to amplify your dreamed project managerial position? Pair up with our exclusive subscriptions now!

What Is a Project Manager Cover Letter?

To begin with, generally, a cover letter is defined as an applicant's motivational letter that supplements his or her resume and other pertaining documents in persuading the hiring managers. Hence, a project manager cover letter is a cover letter for someone who is aspiring to be a project manager. 

How to Write a Compelling Project Manager Cover Letter

Since your hiring manager gets to read you first, through your cover letter, with your resume, it is vital to note to make sure that this is sleekly composed. More so, major expectations will be set upon you even just as an applicant, due to that project managerial position. Here are our sharp instructional tips in writing a compelling project manager cover letter so you can meet their expectations and eventually get interviewed.

1. Do a Research

You should probably perceive your project manager cover letter more than just paperwork. Before writing so, do your research first. Browse through the internet and dig in for the company's culture and environment that you are vying to be in. Serve your cover letter a difference and impressive feature by aligning it with the company's goals and mission. You may consider the company's core values, remarkable milestones, and accomplishments and see how you can seamlessly incorporate that to your unique skills and assets in your cover letter.

2. Introduce Sharply

 While hiring managers have their technique in glancing your application papers, including your resume, then have their prompt judgment, you should have your opening paragraph compellingly worded out without following the generic way. Express with an active and enthusiastic tone. You surely can easily spot your draft when it is blunt and passive. 

3. Talk Professionally

Considering the position that you are aspiring to be, as a project manager, it suits best for your cover letter to be toned professionally. Choose the best words that can represent you like a sophisticated, mature individual and what the company is looking for. For your level, an elementary type of language is highly unlikely. In this sense, it's strongly advisable to allot an ample amount of time for such. Do not hurry your composition for such. Make multiple drafts if it's necessary. Edit and edit until you come up with acing sentence structures and readability. 

Starting from the real scratch is really a tedious issue — one good reason to confide in our well-researched, prewritten, original, and easily editable template products above!

4. Express Briefly

It can be overwhelming how much you want to express your enthusiasm and eagerness to become a project manager through your cover letter. However, it is also highly ideal for your cover letter to be comprehensively concise. Make it only in a single page, without occupying all of its blank spaces. 

5. Always and Always, Review 

As mentioned, your cover letter is one of your mirroring tool to the fussy hiring managers. In regards to that, always do a run-through on your cover letter. Make sure not to have any room for mishaps or mistakes. Check for spelling, grammar, ambiguity, delivery, and others.