Projects aren't always complex, but when they are, finishing them would feel very fulfilling. Issuing a certificate would be an excellent way to keep people motivated to continue a project even with all the stress. Here, we have a collection of Project Certificate Templates for you that you can give to your employees. You can also download them multiple file-formats like in Microsoft WordApple PagesMicrosoft PublisherAdobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. These templates are professionally designed, easily editable, and printable. Subscribe and choose a template now!

What is a Project Certificate?

A Project Certificate is a single-page document that's issued to a project manager after their project has been completed. Like other types of certificates, this document serves as a way to congratulate the staff for their accomplishment and merit. Depending on the size of the project, the certificate may bear the name of either the organization or an individual.

How to Make a Project Certificate?

According to a study on project management by Mavenlink Statistics, 70% of the projects in the US fail because of several reasons. Some of these include miscalculation of expenses, lack of manpower, and failure to get the necessary permits approved. Accomplishments come with a reward in the form of a certificate letter. If you don't know how to make one, here are some steps to make an impressive one, continue reading.

1. Identify the Scope of the Project

Before you even start creating the certificate, it's crucial to know what the project is about and how much effort has been done by the people working on it. Know the theme of the project, its objectives, and all the information that you think should be present in the certificate. By the end of this step, you will have a better idea of what your project certificate will contain and how it might look.

2. Organize the Content

After familiarizing yourself with the project and identifying the details that should go in the certificate, organize the layout. As mentioned earlier, a certificate should contain a brief description of the achievement; a sentence or two would be enough to describe why the recipient deserved such a certificate. On the bottommost section of the certificate should be the printed names of the issuing party with their respective signatures above it.

3. Start Creating the Certificate

Once you're done organizing the layout of your modern certificate, you can start working on the actual document. Choose a word processor or editing software that you want to use to create the certificate, and make sure to go with something that you're familiar with or you find the easiest to use. Additionally, you also have the option to start from scratch or to use our templates.

4. Add the Sorted Content

Whether you decided to start one from scratch or use templates to make your project certificate, add the content. In addition to the written content, you should also include your organization's logo on the upper section of the sample certificate for identity purposes. And after adding the content, always remember to review everything to make sure that the details are correct.

5. Finalize Your Certificate

Finalizing your award certificate starts with adding ornate borders if you think they're necessary. You can choose not to if your certificate looks presentable enough. Afterward, you can finally start printing your certificate. According to experts, the best type of paper to use for printing certificates is parchment paper, and make sure to go with high-quality ones. Lastly, don't forget to have the people whose names appear on the certificate affix their signatures.

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