Whether it’s in school education, product advertising, or scientific development, it’s crucial that a project goes smoothly. And, because of that, a company or organization needs project managers in their ranks. If you’re looking to land a job as a project manager yourself, then putting together a professional cover letter should be considered. So, to expedite the writing process, we’re offering you our Project Manager Cover Letter Templates! Bolster your job application with our easily editable samples, which are available in Google Docs so that all you’ll need to edit our content is a Google account. Don’t delay any longer--show that you have the skills and experience for project management!

How to Make a Project Manager Cover Letter in Docs

Be it in clinical research or architectural work, a cover letter goes a long way in helping you get a job as a project coordinator. As a matter of fact, The Balance Careers mentions that a cover letter can really help influence an employer in considering your resume.

But maybe you’re not familiar with how to write a cover letter for a project manager position. If so, no worries--just check out our tips (below) on how to write one in Google Docs!

1. Do Some Digging on the Company

Finding the right words to say can be tough at times. So, to make sure you know what to say in your cover letter, it’s a good idea to research a bit about the business/organization you wanna apply to. Doing so will help you figure out what the employer wants to see in your application. Plus, by finding out more about the company, you can better determine whether or not it’s the right one for you.

2. Appropriately Format Your Project Manager Cover Letter

Once you’ve opened a blank document in Google Docs, start by setting the page’s margins to 1 inch. You can make the adjustment by click-dragging the blue arrows and gray bars in the rulers, found at the top and to the left. All your content will be staying within these margins.

Next, add a large title at the top of the page, aligning it to the center. The title can be the specific job name given by the company or it can be your full name.

3. Introduce Yourself

Now the real work begins with your letter. First, open your dialog with an appropriate salutation. Either “Dear Sir/Madam,” or “Dear [JOB TITLE/POSTION],” is suitable for formal/business use. If you know who you’re writing to, then you can use “Dear Mr/Ms [FULL NAME],” instead.

Moving on, your dialog should have an introduction. There are plenty of ways you can go about writing this part. Though, if you’re at a loss with what to say, you can go for mentioning who referred you, how this job will benefit your career path, and/or how you’re interested in the position.

4. Let Them Know You’re Right for the Job

A project manager can be found in all kinds of fields; be it in advertising, construction, or even education. So, be sure to flaunt how your skills/traits fit the specific type of project coordinator that they want. Also, remember to mention relevant achievements and to highlight the best bits in your resume.

With that done, it’s time to finish up your cover letter by showing your gratitude as the closing remark. After that, enter a formal valediction, your email signature, and your full name. And now, you’re done!

Also, if you need customizable cover letter samples for marketing, software, or other businesses looking for a project manager, then don’t forget to browse through our Project Manager Cover Letter Templates!

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