How to Create Business Proposals in Publisher

Whether it’s a community project looking for sponsorships to fund their budget or a photography business proposal marketing a new product to a company, you can rely on Microsoft Publisher and our useful array of templates to make your proposals look eye-catching and presentable!

1. Page Layout and Design Made Easy

When looking for an editing program suitable for editing and designing any of our Ready-made Business Proposal Templates, you can’t go wrong by picking up Microsoft Publisher. This nifty work of software engineering was put together by Microsoft for the specific purpose of creating publicized reading material, such as articles, books, magazines, brochures, etc. So, with Publisher at your disposal, you’ll have all the necessary tools ever needed (plus more) to easily and efficiently create your own thesis or proposal letter.

By heading over to Microsoft’s online store, you’ll be able to find Publisher and avail of it if you don’t have access to use the program yet. Just make your choice from one of their monthly rate plans to subscribe to the Office 365 bundle package, offering more than just the use of Publisher. Or, you can choose to buy Publisher by itself to install it on one computer per purchase. And if you’re unsure whether or not you should really bother committing to Publisher for editing your proposal templates, Microsoft has a free trial offer that you can make use of to try their products for free before having to register to a subscription. The trial is good for 7 whole days, so you can already edit our templates for that long without charge!

2. Pick a Suitable Template for the Job

Once you get Publisher installed onto your computer (or already had it installed, to begin with), you should get started on going through our useful set of Ready-made Business Proposal Templates to decide on a design to use. Be it for college academics or corporate business, you’re sure to find a template from our catalog that’s going to be useful to you!

3. Save the Template to Your Computer

Getting your hands on one of our templates is easy! As you’re searching through our collection, left-click on a thumbnail that catches your eye to open the respective template’s page in a new browser tab. In that new tab, you’ll find preview images to your left side and a download link with the template file’s details to your right. Click on the aforementioned download link and follow the quick instructions to save the file to your computer.

4. Fill in Your Template

After you pick and download a template from our expansive library of Ready-made Business Proposal Templates, it’s time to get busy and writing! When drafting the content, put together dialog that’s compelling to your target reader; make your idea and message informative but keep it concise to keep their attention. Feel free to add your own clipart/imagery to the pre-existing graphic design of the template, but make sure that whatever you include will contribute to the overall quality of your writing.

5. Remember to Save!

Go ahead and save your work; the proposal is good to go. Snag that sponsorship with the help of Microsoft Publisher and our Ready-made Business Proposal Templates!

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