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How To Create A Rent Receipt in Numbers

The Real-Estate Industry, like any industry, is not immune to fraudulent practices and scams. Tenants, in turn, are also aware of such and would likely take measures to avoid being victimized and report such activity to the authorities. In order for Landlords to avoid such inconvenience, they make efforts to make their business legally compliant. Documents like a Rent Receipt and Rental Invoice makes a tangible proof of legality and legitimacy of such business. Here, we provide you the steps on how to create a Rent Receipt using Apple Numbers.

1. Consult Your Records First

A Rent Receipt, as per definition, is a document or form that acknowledges that payment for the rental of the property was made and done. Take a look at your records first, take note of dates and past transactions. Rent Receipts has to be written accurately in order to avoid any disputes between you and your Tenant.

2. Rental Invoice Vs.Rent Receipt

Rent Receipt and Rental Invoice are often confused with each other. Both are often used interchangeably. Although both functions as a way to track and record past transactions, both documents and forms differ in the period in which they are issued. Rental Invoices are usually issued to the Tenant prior to the due date of Payment especially if they're on travel. Rent Receipt, on the other hand, is issued right after the payment of rent due is made and done.

3. Create Rent Receipt Using Apple Numbers

Apple numbers allow you to create a professionally made rent receipts with its fillable sections and columns, built-in formulas and functions, and a variety of text editing tools. Plus, Apple Numbers allows users to easily edit or Fill in the necessary information and essential details in their rent receipts. Also, Apple Numbers allow users to print their rent receipts quickly and conveniently whether you're in your own house or in commercial print shops.

4.Contents Of A Valid Receipt

A Rent Receipt usually includes elements like the name and address of the business, the landlord's name, the name of the tenant, contact details of both the landlord and tenant themselves. It also includes the amount paid and received, the date on when the payment is made and done, and the mode of payment used whether by Cash or Cheque. Rent Receipts also has a serial number printed on them for auditing and compliance, and tax purposes along with relevant documentary requirements.

5. Print And Issue Your Rent Receipt

Now that you're done creating your Rent Receipt in Apple Numbers, you are now ready to print and issue your rent receipt to your tenants. Printing your Rent Receipt using our Professionally Made Ready-Made Rent Receipt Template is made convenient with its Quick and Easy to Edit, and, Ready To Print feature. Whether you need to issue for rental payment or deposit made, these Ready-Made Templates allows its users to edit and print their Rent Receipts in a moment's notice.

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