How to Create a Repair Estimate in Microsoft Excel

Repair services are big in the US. For car repair shops alone, there are over 230,600 according to Statista. If you’re in this kind of industry, you’ll need to create repair estimates for your clients. Refer to the list below to help you in creating your own repair estimate.

1. Determine the Extent of the Repair

Repair estimates greatly depend on how much fixing needs to be done. Before you can come up with an estimate, assess the client’s problem before determining the extent of the repair. In most cases, bigger problems mean more work. And if there’s more work, the bigger the cost estimate.

2. Write an Itemized List of Materials Needed

Coming up with solutions can be done either during or after assessing the problem. Write a list of the possible materials and equipment needed for fixing those problems. If you already know how much each item costs, indicate it in the list as well. Otherwise, allow your client to choose where to secure or buy the necessary materials.

3. Separate the Materials from the Labor Charges

Organize your estimate sheet to avoid causing confusion to your client. Make sure to create a separate section for the job or labor fees. Unlike the costs of the materials, labor fees can be adjusted depending on various factors. This is why it’s important to always consider the extent of the repair.

4. Provide a Personal Insurance to Your Client

Some call this a service warranty, others call it insurance. This can either be in the form of a refund, a free follow-up service, or both depending on the situation. However, make sure the client understands that there are certain stipulations involved. This will help justify the value that’s written on the job estimate.

5. Take Advantage of Excel’s Features

Microsoft Excel is a great spreadsheet tool, and it’s also the perfect tool for creating job estimates. With all the numbers involved, you can leave it up to Excel’s function feature to handle all the computations. Other than that, Excel has many other features to help you in making documents or reports.

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