How To Create An Annual Report in Google Sheets

As the manager, it is essential for you to write an annual report for your company. Why? That's because, through this type of reporting, you will be able to recognize and to review the yearly progress of your company. Whether there is a need for you to enhance the quality of the product you are selling or maybe there is a need for you to step-up your techniques because your spot in the economic ratings has been taken over by your rival companies.

You see, there are so many advantages to why it is essential to conduct an annual report. Now that since you are here, we bet that you've been looking for high-quality report templates that you can use for your report, isn't it? Well, we have the solution for you below. Apart from that, we also enumerated a guide that might also help you as well as you do your reporting. Check this out.

1. Determine the Range of your Report

Since your report talks about the updates of the preceding year, therefore there is a wide range of topics that must be presented. Assign someone to do the analysis report, then assign another one to do the financial report, and so on. Be considerate. Only assign them a topic one-by-one so that they won't be having a hard time creating the report.

2. Collect Significant Information

Always based your report on factual information. If you are assigned to create a report about the status of the people who had severe diseases in your state, then you have to gather information from reliable health officials to see if how many people were admitted and infected. You may also collect information if how many health vehicles were functioning so that everyone will have specific knowledge about it. Make a status report from the data you have gathered so that you will be able to tell the individuals for their safety and security. You may also host a charity campaign from the church to help those people in need.

3. Make Use of Our Templates

If you don't have the time to design from scratch, then you may opt to download a template from us. We have here a variety of report templates that you can download for free! Whether you prefer an annual performance report for the training personnel of your company or any modern report templates; just search it and then you have it. You may edit and then save the template with the help of Google Sheets.

4. Organize the Layout

Now that you have gathered every relevant detail, it is time for you to organize it with the help of charts and tables. When you use charts, you will be able to present your work in a creative way. Apart from that, charts can also help you minimize the usage of wordings of your report which makes it easier for the readers to understand your presentation. Finalize your work and double-check it before you present it to the crowd.

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