In determining the success of your business, all along, it comes with greater responsibility. Increasing marketing and sales doesn’t only happen within a day. A report that details the summary, challenges, and missing points of your business flow is necessary. So, if you are having difficulties in creating an accurate analysis for your business sales, you’ve come to the right place! We offer selections of Sales Report Templates available in both A4 and US letter sizes that are 100% customizable and accessible in Microsoft Excel. So, start monitoring your business performance today by developing effective strategies and plans, guided with our templates! 

How to Create Sales Reports in Excel

A sales report gets the complexity of the business operation. Not all understand what a sales report is, but an excellent sales manager will. With a sales report on hand, it’s easier to keep track of data and records of sales procedures. It summarizes the performance of a business in a quarterly or even in a monthly situation. With the analysis, this creates a result that will determine the success of your business.

Hiring the wrong salesperson is among the many reasons why most startups fail. Hiring someone without the knowledge and better understanding of the complexity of your business’ marketing and sales could automatically dismiss potential success, forcing you to face untimely failure. Now, if you are planning on creating your company sales report in Microsoft Excel, we can help you by providing steps below that you can read through and follow.

1. Prepare a Template

You can choose to begin from scratch. So, start by opening your Microsoft Excel to start formatting your table. However, if this is time-consuming for you, there are ready-made and easily downloadable sales report templates in Excel file format that you can use for your convenience. With ready-made templates, you'll be assisted in the structure of your company report. You can have your report ready just before the deadline.

2. Input Your Data

It’s irrelevant to disseminate a report without the appropriate content. Keep in mind that the data needed depends if you are working on a quarterly sales report, or maybe, a weekly report. Once you have a table to work on, proceed with the gathering of data. It’s a step-by-step procedure that needs patience in transferring all the acquired information to your datasheet. Create a summary and apply every detail to each cell accordingly.

3. Add Labels

Don’t forget to incorporate the proper labels for each row and column. Now, remember that the preciseness of your report follows the correct heading. Without the labels above each data or analysis, it would be difficult for the company executives to determine which section is the forecast or the actual expectations of results. Each section from your table plays a crucial role in determining the success of your business, so you need to write proper headings at all times.

4. Make it Simple

Aside from creating a professionally written report, make your document more professional-looking by avoiding too much designs. Make sure that you use the standard typeface for formal documents. However, this is not limited to graphs and company logos. So, you can play with colors by incorporating the distinct palette of your department.

5. Print and Send

Once your report is ready, then you can save your file. If you want to provide hard copies to your executives, proceed by clicking the file tab and have your document printed right away. Make sure that you print them using clean sheets of paper. But if you prefer sending soft copies, by saving your file, you can disseminate it through email.

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