How To Create School Reports In Google Docs

A school report card academically communicates the output of a student. In other schools, the report card is released four times a year to the student or the parents. A standard report card integrates a scale of grading to determine the quality of the performance of the student. Report cards in modern days are now released digitally in an automated form and sent to parents and students. The traditional report cards include a section for professors to report individual remarks on the performance and conduct of the student. Some electronic card systems include educators with such remarks, but others restrict the report card only to grades. If you are tasked to create a report card for the school, then you can download one of our templates in our gallery of school report templates. For guidance, we also prepared a few tips that might be helpful for you.

1. Arrange The Details On A Draft

The details that are needed to be included in the report card can be a lot and may lead you to confusion if not arranged properly. So, first thing first, organize every piece of information for each student so that it will not lead to disruption of information. Arranging each student's data depends if you are assigned to input the student's data on their report cards individually. If not, organizing the details about the school's report card is still necessary. For neat and smooth organizing of information, draft it using a blank sheet.

2. Look For Report Card Templates

The arranging and organizing process will already take a toll on you so, why not opt to ready-made templates? Downloading one of our school report templates is a big benefit for you since they are all 100% customizable. It means that you can customize the templates as long as you want. Our school report card templates will make your work easy and quick.

3. Use An Editing Software

You cannot just easily customize the template without using editing software. We highly recommend you to use Google Docs as the software when you start the customizing process. Files in Google Docs can be shared with anyone you allow. It also has the auto-save feature so no need to be scared if you accidentally exited your current document. Google Docs can also be converted to any file format you want without any hassle.

4. Insert The School's Letterhead

Report cards must have the letterhead of the school. The school's letterhead is usually placed at the topmost part of the card. The report cards are typically a one-page card, so it is evident that the letterhead will be placed at the uppermost part of the front page of the card. Some report cards that have more than one page places the school's letterhead on every page for legitimacy.

5. Input The Necessary Details

The good thing is that our templates already contain the appropriate section that is needed to be the outlook of a school report card. It's up to you if you want to change major or minor details that you deemed enough for your desired look. When you input the essential information, make sure that the student's parents can understand the words placed on the report card. To be sure that you haven't forgotten any details, use a checklist to review if you have already inserted every aspect.

6. Make A Legend

Report cards will be more understandable for the student's parents or guardians if you will make a legend. The legend will be an indicator of what every grade scaling means. Grade legends will depend on what year level is the report card for. Teachers need to use grade scales that is appropriate for kindergarten, middle school, high school, preschool, or elementary school.

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