Restaurant Audit Templates

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Negative remarks, in a restaurant business, creates a vulnerable situation. To avoid this, a timely restaurant auditing is essential to be in your customers' preference list. It helps the customers to have faith in your services and food safety. Thus, if you plan to prepare such documents, we have prepared everything you require on our site. We provide high-quality, professionally written restaurant audit templates and documents. Our experts have prepared several restaurant templates in various formats like Microsoft Word (.docx), Apple Pages (.pages), Google Docs. Considering your need for personalized content, we have kept them 100% editable and customizable. Get access to our vast template gallery and save your time and effort now!

What is the Purpose of Restaurant Audits?

More than the monetary records and transactions, a restaurant auditing is vital for restaurant certifications. It covers facts on cleanliness, customer services, food safety, and follow-ups. The government establishes inspection committees that make routine visits to restaurants and prepares a detailed report after evaluation and assessment. It ensures the customers about the quality of food. For getting positive remarks on your restaurant certificate, the restaurant has to pass all the standard requirements of a hygienic and a safe eating place.

What Comprises a Restaurant Audit?

People make delighted visits to restaurants with the hope of tasting mouthwatering food and experiment with new cuisines. If your restaurant causes some foodborne inconvenience to them, the first thing on target will be your brand name and image. Negative publicity can be the worst for any restaurant business plan. That is why you always make sure that your restaurant entirely meets the following key points. These points are the primary concern in any catering services.

Food Safety

Inspection committees might carry different mechanical indicators to test meals prepared at your shop. The machine reacts if it detects a high amount of any preservatives, excess oil, unhygienic practices, side effect prone food, etc. Such detection can get you negative remarks and customers' low preference. You can make an employee survey to be sure that they are following the recipe process and guidebook.


If you wish to be in customers' most preferred restaurant list, maintain its hygiene at utmost priority. Prepare a checklist covering restaurant equipment, appliances, tables, floors, outer surroundings, utensils, etc. Unhygienic conditions can get you low remarks and make customers not to make a further presence at your place.

Customer Services

Your brand image depends on your services. You don't want fewer sales and weak customer preferences, right! That is why humble and attentive hospitality is vital to your business growth. Your behavior speaks and impacts how your business would develop, and you get remarked on this fact too. Thus hire skilled and communication expert HRs who can tackle all sorts of crises and add value to your business.

What Practices should Restaurant HR Department Avoid?

The diners should feel greeted with the very first step they take into your restaurant. You can make them feel that way with adequate hospitality right from the 'welcome' to the 'goodbye.'  Set a budget for hiring skilled communication expert employees. It can result in positive word of mouth promotion to your business. There can be many little points also that might be affecting your restaurant's ranking. Some of the common mistakes that you can avoid are:

  • Poor welcome or no 'host' for welcoming.
  • It is better to choose 'my pleasure'instead of 'no issues' or ' no problem.'
  • Assigning uncertain hosts are harmful to your restaurant as they may fail in making eye contact with the customer.
  • Using casual words or becoming over-friendly ad cheesy with the customers.
  • Unable to handle customers respectfully and politely.
  • It is better to avoid an unmaintained dress code or uniforms in the restaurant.
  • Noisy environments are also harmful.
  • Less investment in interior and exterior decorations attracts less customer attention.
  • Insufficient parking area.
  • Poorly designed food menus.
  • Insufficient lights.
  • Unhygienic toilets and washrooms. 

Maintaining your restaurant in the customer's and auditor's preference list and rank is not tight. Follow specific rules and regulations as specified in the food and health safety manual. You can make your auditing process most comfortable with our outlined audit templates and documents. offers several restaurant accounting and food security templates. Check them out and choose the best for your restaurant today!