How to Create a Restaurant Checklist

For something as ordinary as a sample checklist, it has its fair share of benefits too. According to Harvard Business, checklists help increase productivity, motivation, creativity, delegation, and it saves lives too! Pilots are encouraged to use a checklist before taking off to avoid crashes. This is after an experienced pilot crashed the plane after the second demonstration flight in WWII. Hospital deaths are also reduced by 40% after checklists have been used.

Below, we have provided you helpful tips on how to make a restaurant checklist:

1. List Down the Tasks that You Need to Accomplish

Sit and ponder about the tasks that you need to carry out. Are you doing quality control? Then list down the tasks that need to be accomplished to ensure the quality of your production. If you are checking your inventory, then list down the goods or equipment that need to be checked. You may use your smartphone or a pen and paper to do this. Double-check the list to see if you have listed down everything.

2. Organize Your Restaurant Checklist

Your checklist surely contains a variety of tasks that need to be set apart. Examples of these are closing checklists; pre-opening checklists; vehicle inspections; safety inspections; cleaning checklists; daily, weekly, or monthly checklists; etc. Categorize your tasks according to their nature to avoid confusion on your part. You may also create a reminder under each category.

3. Set a Period for Each Task

Setting a specific amount of time for each task in your restaurant checklist motivates you to get things done, and your tasks should each have a logical time frame. One that's enough to meet your restaurant's deadlines. Put the time frames above each task category.

4. Decorate Your Restaurant Checklist

Decorate your checklist for it to be visually appealing. One that makes you look at your checklist often. Just make sure the decoration doesn't obscure the contents of your checklist. Keep your decoration to a minimum and do not exaggerate.

5. Display in an Open Area

What's the purpose of your checklist if you keep on forgetting about it? Place your checklist in an area where you are most likely to see it. These may be in your hallway, kitchen, etc.

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