How to Create Restaurant Meeting Minutes in Apple Pages

Useful meeting minutes help create an action plan for your leadership team and your employees. According to an article by AllBusiness, meeting minutes explain how executives and attendants made choices, where, why, and by whom. Minutes record meeting decisions, also making them a valuable reference tool when it comes to evaluating progress. Below are guidelines that will help you create a restaurant meeting minutes.

1. Make a List of the Attendance and Agenda

During a meeting, you must include writing down the attendants and the absentees. Note down the things on the agenda during the conference. Agenda provides control over the flow of meetings, the topics discussed, and the participants responsible for reporting specific information at the meeting to the person conducting the meeting.

2. Write Down Important Details

Take note of the relevant details included in the meeting. It would be a good practice to structure the document to take a few critical notes of a session. Generally, at the beginning meeting minutes, it is vital to write the date, time, assigned tasks, and the meeting conductor.

3. Record Main Points

Record the main points of the conference. Meeting minutes can be long and detailed, or they can be brief, depending on the nature of the meeting. Meeting minutes are also essential for future purpose, so it will be more practical to do it concisely and comprehensively.

4. Send Minutes

After all of those steps, save your document and send it to the team members for them to review the agreements and analysis performed in the conference, especially the non-attendants.

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