How to Create One-Page Resumes in Microsoft Publisher

A resume is a professional document that summarizes a person’s qualifications and experiences to be sent to prospective employers. Resumes should be one-page only, especially when you have less than ten years of job experience. It is ideal and recommended for the freshers or job seekers with only a few years of work experience.

There are a lot of things to consider when creating a one-page resume. Among them are the design and layout. Resume designs and layout can be taxing if you are to make one from scratch. Here, we have provided you five (5) useful tips on how to create a one-page professional resume using our ready-made resume templates. Get to edit, create, and produce the best one-page resume with the use of Microsoft Publisher in your personal computer.

1. Decide What Template Layout and Design

Of the vast array of resume templates that you can utilize from, choose which template has the best design and layout. We have a simple resume template, a clean resume template, and a resume format that you can download for free. Each of them comes with unique and modern design. Choose the template you want to start up.

2. Customize the Template

Each resume format is made professionally with original content written on it already. It’s for you to customize and provide the necessary information like your name, your address, phone numbers, and other relevant identifiers. Make sure to spell every word correctly.

3. Keep the Content Short

Unlike CVs, resumes are typically short documents. It merely summarizes your education and job experiences. One-page resumes would strictly require you to keep the details brief and concise. In doing that, use an active voice in constructing a sentence, and avoid using unessential terms or words. The key to keeping the content short is to avoid being wordy, and not using flowery words. Stick to the basic resume format as much as possible.

4. Do not Include Irrelevant Information

Aside from making your resume looks elegant, irrelevant information such as unrelated achievements, job experiences, and certificates should not be included. Do not add them if it’s not entirely in parallel to the job role you are applying. Focus on the achievements and education that can be of great help in advertising yourself to the prospective employer. Otherwise, your resume will only confuse them.

5 Update Other Details

In making our resumes, we need to update the information from time to time. Our address, for instance, is not a permanent aspect of human lives. Companies may require your current address also, other than your permanent one. Aside from that, you may want to update the list of experiences and education if applicable and necessary. But if this is your first time applying for a job, consider the fresher resume templates to help you guided.

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