Need to make that fantastic impression on the job that you are applying to? Any career advisor will always recommend a well-crafted professional resume to captivate your future employers. Whether you are applying for a lab technician, or chemical engineer positions, a resume is a must. Choose from our vast selection of sample resume templates! These are high-quality and ready-made for you to save precious time when you are in a rush. Add your personal touches as our templates are also customizable and easy to use for your convenience. Also, these are printable and easy to share online. Do not forget to showcase your impressive set of valuable skills! Avail our professional resume formats now!

What is a Professional Resume

A professional resume is just like any other resume whose primary purpose is to showcase the information of the applicant. It highlights a long yet relevant list of skills and attributes that makes the applicant employable. Consider it as one way to market one’s self in the industrial world.

How to Make a Professional Resume in Apple Pages

Getting the needed impression is the goal. What better way to do so than to construct your much-needed resume carefully. Make it noticeable and worth the read. Here are the following steps to guide you.

1. Gather All Pertinent Documents

Although you already know yourself, preparing all the documents is still crucial. You are going to write about yourself, and at least, make sure that they are right and well backed up. Just think ahead that your future employers will need to confirm about yourself. At least, you already have your prized certificates ready. Plus, those documents will also be helpful for the accuracy of your information. Authentically market yourself!

2. Organize for Presentability

When you already have the necessary documents, the next step is to write. But you need to strategize in placing your details right. The information must neatly stack. Do remember that most people read from left to write, top to bottom. Create an area for your bios and group together in another area for your achievements. Make it appear that there is a coherent sequence.

3. Attach Your Best Photo

Show to them that you are a healthy, jolly, serious, and career-driven with your best smile. What better way for the employer to know you firsthand than by looking at your photo. Notice those models smiling for a magazine cover? Smile for the camera, and smile for your future job!

4. Keep it Simple

Overwhelming your readers with so many things to look in your resume is unadvisable. Not only you will give them an eyesore, but also, you will force them to lose interest in your document. Write it just like a business card. Avoid being fancy and go straight to the point. Your resume is not a scrapbook. You only need 6 seconds to grab your readers' attention. So keep it simple!

5. Play with Borders and Lines

Catch the eyes of your readers by using borders and lines to your advantage. Know how to place them to create organization and flow of the content. Just like a flow chart, let your lines guide the reading and sequence.

6. Use Readable Fonts and Friendly Colors

Always take care of the eyes of your readers. Once you neglect that obligation, you lose your chance to be noticed. If you want to be all-out artistic about your resume, then you can go for creative resumes. But, it does not mean you will not do so with professional resumes. Fonts should be readable in the desired size you want them to appear. Moreover, adding colors as headers or as borders can add a touch of expression in your part. Plus, it will also give a new and curious look to the many pending piled resumes.

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