Get to make a schedule sheet for the planning and keeping track of activities on an hourly basis using one of our ready-made Hourly Schedule Templates. This category of our Schedule Templates helps you to create a schedule planner that breaks calendar days into hours and is used to identify where you need to be during each part of the day. These files are easily-editable and 100% customizable with the web-based application Google Docs. All of them are available in A4 and US print sizes. What are you waiting for? Download any of our Hourly Schedule Templates in Google Docs now!

How To Create An Hourly Schedule In Google Docs?

Each and every one of us who are living in a civilized society has numerous tasks every day, both work and personal errands. Whether you're a college student, a company employee, or a businessman, balancing and accomplishing all your tasks is certainly not easy. But with the help of an established hourly schedule, which is one of the best time management strategies, it is possible to balance and accomplish all your tasks in your 7 day work schedule, as well as your weekly and monthly. That's why we've formulated below a short guide that'll help you establish an hourly schedule for your daily routine.

1. Download An Hourly Schedule Template From Us

We made this quick guide with the account of helping you create your hourly schedule within the shortest possible time. To honor that, we encourage you to take advantage of our Hourly Schedule Templates. With their help, you no longer have to go over the time-consuming process of formulating your hourly schedule form from scratch. Just choose one or more that you think works best for you.

2. Go To Google Docs

After downloading an Hourly Schedule Template from our site, open it using Google Docs. Why Google Docs? First of all, Google Docs is instantly accessible for you free-for-charge by merely logging in to your Gmail account. If you don't have one, you just have to register, and you can access it right away. Another reason why you should open your chosen template in Google Docs is that it provides you with every feature and tool that you might need to modify your hourly schedule form or timesheet. Plus, it'll be safely stored online.

3. List All Your Tasks

Using a separate piece of paper and a pen, list down all the tasks that you regularly do every day in your office, workplace, and at home. However, it's not just limited to tasks and errands. This also includes any appointment that you might need to attend, leisure activities, and even your sleeping hours. If possible, list them down in chronological order so that it'll be easier to input them in your schedule form. You may use a timeline chart if you opt to jot them down chronologically.

4. Input Your Listed Tasks And Add Notes

After making a list of all your tasks, activities, and errands, you then input them in your hourly schedule form. Make sure to allocate sufficient hour/s for each of them, and see to it that it doesn't clash with your other tasks. You may also add notes to each of them in case there's a need. For example, if the task is for you to make a business report, your boss may have a particular request that you must follow when making it. Hence, take note of it and input it to your schedule form as a reminder.

5. Attach It To Your Wall Calendar

When you're finished plotting your hourly schedule in Google Docs, print it out and attach it together with your wall calendar. By doing this, you can view it from time to time conveniently in case you need a quick refresher of your established hour by hour schedule. Alternatively, you can also download the hourly schedule file from Google Docs, and transfer it to your smartphone so that you can check it anytime and anywhere.

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