How to Create a Sign-Up Sheet in Google Docs

Creating your sign-up sheet could be time-consuming. No pressure! This stress happens, especially when the event is just right around the corner. You think that making one is a bit useless if you compare it to your monthly inventory sheets and some other documents. As students in the world of art, we should develop a daily discipline to detail, and make some not for us but for the whole event to be seen as more than just a one-time deal. If done correctly, you are going to make some of the best Creative Event Promotion Ideas to Increase attendance for your conference.

Before the steps, let us see how the current market thinks and runs. Statista states that 48 percent of event organizers expected turnout at their most significant events to remain the same in the year 2019. This statistic is about what people think, but in actuality, there is some fluctuation back in 2017 to 2018, which was the result of some lacking in the marketing and promotions area. It is not a matter of daily or weekly practice but is a matter of push. That is why email ads are one of the best pre-registration methods there is.

1. Acquire A Template

Nowadays, the need for templates has been on the rise. People are busy and are always on the run. This truth also means that there is a large number of models available in the market today., for example, is an excellent website when it comes to these editable samples. So if you are a busy volunteer, you can go ahead and find one from our site. If you need event id cards for your upcoming conference, we also have some.

2. Add The Necessary Tables

With your template, you can start adding or erasing tables from the sample. Things that are a must on your sign-up attendance sheet are name, address, contact numbers, and emails. These things are necessary for the long run.

3. Apply Colors and Designs

Your sample spreadsheet should have a proper color complimentary for your template to have a better picture. It would be best if you also made your designs as inviting as possible. If you have a theme color, try and incorporate it into your template to make your whole event cohesive and united.

4. Adjust Table Layout

Adjusting your table layout comes next. Your design can either make or break how people see your sheet. If your attendance sheet is in the checklist form, you can also add tickboxes to confirm someone's participation in the event or not. This concept can only work if you did a pre-registration through online registration or some other methods. Doing a pre-register is also a good thing if you want to do one.

5. Apply Data or Information

Lastly, with the worksheet chart finish, you can start applying proper terms and descriptions in your template. If you want to, you can add subtitles to make your sheet as engaging as possible. Make sure to include the necessary information and designs (logo, branding, and partner companies - through ads) though.

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