The different nature of jobs creates different work schedules, as well. In an industry where work schedules are not fixed, there will always be a possibility that you will forget your schedule because of its irregularity. To help you be always guided, you need a shift schedule to bring with you all the time. No need to plot your shift schedule from scratch because we are offering you Shift Schedule Templates that are completely editable and printable. Our templates can be modified through Editable PDF, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and many more! Where else can you find versatile templates? Download one of our shift schedule templates now!

How to Create a Shift Schedule

Shift schedules are plotted by the company to ensure that you come to work on time. These are scheduled according to the time your work is needed most. In industries with irregular shifts, the company makes sure that you have a reliever before you end your shift. A sample schedule is plotted by the department head.

Whether it's a daily, weekly, or monthly scheduling, you need a program that will assist you in making your shift schedules. You may choose between Microsoft Excel or Google Pages to help you with your plotting. These programs consist of cells that will be appropriate for inputting numerical information.

If you are searching for tips on making a simple schedule, read our list below.

1. Identify the Period for Your Shift

Your current shift is either a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. You have to identify which period your shift belongs to. By not identifying this first, you may risk the operations of your company. You may have to communicate with your immediate supervisor or head with this one.

2. Use a Program of Your Choosing

Like we have mentioned previously, you may choose between Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to help you plot your printable schedule. These programs are designed to help you input numerical data. The cells in these programs help you organize your data accordingly.

3. Add Labelling

Indicate labels of your shift to guide you accordingly. You may label them as '12-hour shift schedule,' '10-hour shift schedule,' '24-hour shift schedule,' or any other label according to your shift's number of hours. After labeling, you may proceed to the actual inputting of your schedule. Be sure to put the appropriate labeling of your schedule to avoid confusion on your end.

4. Add Life to Your Schedule

To avoid dullness and mediocrity to your work schedule, add life to it by incorporating colors. You may choose to add your favorite colors into the schedule and use them to highlight the titles of each column or row. You may also highlight the cells that fall under your rest day to help you identify them.

5. Review Your Shift Schedule

Don't forget to review your shift schedule after completing the steps above. Chances are, you might have had too much fun plotting your schedule that you forgot that they were already the same. Double-check your shift schedule for any mistakes and have it reviewed by your immediate head or supervisor.

6. Use Our Shift Schedule Templates Instead

Sure the programs mentioned above can help you get the job done, but do you know what gets the job done faster? Our Shift Schedule Templates, of course! Take a look at our editable and printable shift schedule templates and choose one that fits your preferences. These are editable through different programs and are created by our professional writers. Your shift schedule is best accompanied by our calendars, as well.

Now that you have created your very own shift schedule, you can very well keep our templates for future use. Edit these templates according to your liking.

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