The employee's daily rate of his job becomes invalid when he gets sick without an excuse. Such situations need a sick leave certificate from a hospital or a clinic to support the absence of an employee. If you need to make this type of document for patients, our Sick Leave Certificate Templates in Publisher can help you out! The templates contain original and customizable content. These are also printable, so it's not much of a hassle when you're in a hurry of coming up with a certificate. Save your time and effort by downloading our templates now!

How to Create a Sick Leave Certificate in Microsoft Publisher

Employees are not healthy all the time. Some fall sick due to several factors. With that, sick leave certificates come in handy. These documents should come from the hospital since the employee will show them when he comes back to the office. Read the steps in making a sick leave certificate in Microsoft Publisher below.

1. Put Hospital Details

Open a blank document in Microsoft Publisher. On top of the document, put the hospital's basic information, such as its name, address and contact details. Make sure to include the logo of the hospital to make the certificate look more authentic.

2. Write Patient's Information

State the patient's name and his diagnosis. Write in simple sentences. For the diagnosis, you have to write its full medical term. Include the date of the consultation and some notes for the patient as well.

3. State Recommendations

The recommendations in a sick leave certificate is usually one sentence long. You can make a list of what the patient has to do to make recommendations more specific. Put some colors on your medical certificate for a more professional presentation.

4. Affix Signature

Always leave spaces for signatures. Put your name and specialty at the bottom of the recommendations. Signing the certificate makes it valid and powerful to employers. Lastly, double check the document for any glaring errors. Add some details too if there's something.

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