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Use Simple Gantt Charts, Budget and Project Spreadsheet, and Other Documents While Defining the Startup Costs and Cash Flow of Your Real Estate Startup Business. Visit Our Website and Look for Business Plan Templates, Budget Templates, and Other Project Plan Samples While Using Macbook Pro. Download Our Free Startup Templates in Apple (MAC) Numbers Here on!See more

Why is it challenging to have a startup business? Running a startup is a headache. But remember, your mind plays an important role in running your business. However, it is inevitable for entrepreneurs to face issues with finances and funding. Perhaps, according to, 9 of 10 startups don’t achieve success due to poor budget management. Therefore, when it comes to money, proper handling and management are necessary. And if you need help, has sample startup templates available in Apple Numbers file format. 

Your companies, indeed, often lead towards failure. But it can always be prevented. When you have proper planning, you can easily track down what is brewing next. That is why we have business plans, inventory, startup budget, timelines, and roadmaps. Our templates contain basic and creative designs that you can choose from. Because startups often have a hard time with the outline, don’t worry, all templates follow an approved layout that guarantees to guide you through. Perhaps, no need to start from zero. You can simply edit the content by accessing our editor tool, which contains basic editing options. Once done, download your template. 

A business fails because of poor planning. As a startup, consider long-term goals. Plot them down together with your premade templates. It pays to have a document that follows the right format. But if you need more templates for marketing, we have everything you need. Browse through to secure a successful business. So, start today by downloading a template from us!