How to Create a Tax Invoice in Microsoft Excel

To request a client to pay for taxes, you have to send him or her a tax invoice. This document contains all the necessary information that your client needs to know about his or her payment. And to start making an simple invoice in MS Excel, check out the tips below.

1. Provide Your Details

For the client to know who the sales tax invoice is from, you must add your company's details. The details include your company's address, name, logo, contact details, etc. This information will give the invoice document an identity.

2. Place the Client's Information

Aside from your company's details, you should also add the client's information. By doing this, you'll know who and where to send the invoice. You can also use the clients' details to track who among the client has paid or not.

3. Write the Document's Essential Details

Thirdly, your business invoice needs invoice number, tax identification number, and invoice date to be official. These details must be present on every tax invoice that you issue to each client.

4. Show the Information of Delivered Services or Goods

Like any other basic invoice types, tax invoices must have details of the services or goods you've completed. Be specific in this section so the client won't have lots of questions. In this category, you need to write the services or products' names, hourly rate (services), prices, the total amount, etc.

5. Do the Math and the Write the Payment Details

Since you're requesting for tax payment, ensure that you carefully calculate the numbers. You have to add the charged tax for each item (e.g., VAT), so the client will know about it. Lastly, highlight the amount the client has to pay with the inclusion of the taxes.

To complete your sample invoice, you need to add the payment details. Write when the invoice is due, how the client can pay, and other essential payment information that you think is essential to the transaction.

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