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How to Make an Event Ticket in Adobe Photoshop

Events and tickets almost always go hand in hand, and if you're planning to throw an event, we've got instructions below to help you make the necessary tickets.

1. Set a Budget

Before you can even begin making a DIY ticket for an event, you will need to set a budget that's specifically for the production of said sample tickets. When setting a budget, make sure that it's reasonable and is based on the type of material used and the number of tickets to produce. Additionally, your budget should not be too high wherein chances of making a profit will become very slim.

2. Gather Information about the Event

Regardless if you're the person responsible for organizing the event, being mindful of the details is important since it helps in building the ticket's content. However, if you are still in the process of knowing what the event is about, start by taking note of the event's date, time, and location. Other details that need to be noted include the purpose of the event, the price of each admission ticket, and the participating organizations.

3. Create an Initial Ticket Design

By simply using a pen and a sheet of paper, you can initially start creating the ticket's design by focusing on basic features such as the arrangement of the elements and the color scheme. By doing this first, you'll already have an idea of what's best for the ticket's design and what might or might not be a pleasing look. For ideas and inspiration, you can look for samples from websites such as Etsy and Pinterest.

4. Design your Event Ticket in Photoshop

As mentioned earlier, you can start working on the actual ticket design after you're done sketching the initial layout, and you can do this in Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is a powerful graphics editing tool that's widely used because of its huge selection of tools and filters, and it's also easy to learn which makes it perfect even for beginners. Based on the sketch you've made earlier, start designing a creative event ticket.

5. Add the Text

Once you're done designing the ticket, you can then start adding the text. You can still do the writing of the content in Photoshop, you can even choose whether to use its built-in text rendering tool or to use third-party text generators on the internet. Nevertheless, the important thing is that the text is clear and legible, and the details conveyed is correct.

6. Add Ticket Numbers

In most cases, a single ticket is intended to admit one person only and if you need to keep track of the number of event tickets sold, the best way to do it is by using numbered tickets. This is very common in many charity events and raffle events since the number of people is used to determine whether the event is successful or not. However, if you're simply looking for a means of monitoring the sales, numbered tickets are indeed the best strategy.

7. Start Printing your Event Tickets

Last but not least, producing copies of your printable tickets according to the set budget. If you have the appropriate equipment for this, feel free to print your tickets yourself as long as you use durable paper or card stock. However, you can always hire professionals to do it instead, they usually charge less and even give discounts for bulk orders.