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    How to Make an Event Ticket in Microsoft Publisher

    An event ticket is a piece of small card or paper that gives the holder an authority to enter a specific event. Most of the organizers would enclose an event exclusively only for those who got access that is called an event ticket. Event tickets help organizers to track the population in a particular event and help them gain more capital. As based on statistics, the revenue for event tickets mounts up to US$30,579m in 2019. Event tickets are usually distributed in every concert events, raffles, charities, sports, music festivals, night clubs, parties, and many more to mention. Other than using event tickets for business, it also serves as an invitation or a violation warning.

    Whether an event is big or small, it always has to capability to gather people around to celebrate or to participate in leisure. With the crowd, it usually gets hard to manage or to monitor, and that is how event tickets are being essential. If you are intending to make an event ticket by using Microsoft Publisher, here's how to make a sample event ticket in five steps.

    1. Pick an Event Ticket Template

    To get you started, pick an event ticket template that best suits the type of event that you are going to have. There are a lot of editable ticket templates that can be found online. Most of them are already layered with features that will finish your task conveniently and efficiently. Ticket templates are also detailed with formats where you can add your event details.

    2. Present the Event Details

    The second thing that you must do is to present the event details into the event ticket template. The usual event details of a simple event ticket include the name of the event, the host/s or the guest/s, the location where the event will be held, the date and time, dress code (if necessary), and the ticket inclusive if there's any. Occasionally, other events would have different details depending on the event itself.

    3. Incorporate Branding Elements

    Modern event tickets typically run the business recently. For you to advertise your brand, strategically put up the branding elements into the event ticket. Branding elements include the official business logo and the name of the business. In this way, you will be able to promote your business and your brand gets recognized by people. Make sure to include the event sponsor's logos if there's any.

    4. Apply Some Design Elements

    To attract your guests into your event, your ticket must be designed with eye-catching design elements. Design elements will help you draw more guests into your event. Launch your Microsoft Publisher application and make sure that you will apply some elegant ticket designs that would reflect the central theme of the event. Use some of the template's royalty-free graphics features to lessen your hassle. Be mindful not to overcrowd your event ticket with unnecessary things.

    5. Print Your Event Ticket Design

    Lastly, do a print preview of your printable ticket template. With this, it will save you from the trouble of having to print all over again. As suggested by most experts, use a .10 to .14 durable card stock for tickets to make it durable. You can also apply some dotted lines for your ticket stubs. Use a glossy paper finish to maintain the color of your ticket.