How to Create a Vintage-Themed Ticket in Adobe Photoshop

According to a survey conducted by, Wyoming is the state that issued the most traffic ticket in 2017. The survey's result shows 42,047 tickets were given to drivers for that year. However, not all of the tickets you receive will require you to be a responsible driver. There are several types of tickets that you can enjoy, like movie tickets, league tickets, or plane tickets. If you want to create an enjoyable ticket, below are tips in making a vintage ticket in Adobe Photoshop.

1. Choose a Ticket Size

Before diving straight into making a modern ticket, take the time to think about why there is a need to make a ticket. From there, you will know the purpose of the ticket and the reasons why it has to push through. Then, choose a ticket size and let it guide you with the design and layout.

2. Layout the Background and Design

The graphic design and the background will depend on the ticket size you choose. Before making the printable ticket, outline the ticket to how you want it to look like in person. With this, you can adjust your design and maximize the space for the background.

3. Include Ticket Number

Your printable ticket should include ticket numbers, so it won't be hard for inventory. Also, if you put a ticket number, it helps you monitor how many tickets were sold out. In some cases, especially in transportation, ticket numbers help the holder to track their departure.

4. Tweak the Ticket

After the layout, make sure everything in the ticket fits well. If it needs adjustment, then start tweaking the sample ticket.

5. Add Barcode or QR Code

Though it is optional, barcodes and QR codes remain important in tracking the simple ticket if you want to monitor the ticket efficiently.

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