Are you looking for discount voucher designs for your business? Being an Apple-product user has never been this beneficial and advantageous for you! Get these creatively designed discount voucher templates that are fully compatible with all versions of Apple Pages. These discount voucher templates make use of eye-catching high-quality content such as illustrations, fonts, images, and other graphic files. Easily customizable, these templates cater to fit your style and preference and can be used for fashion events, book launches, graduation lunch, and so much more. These coupon files are available in various sizes, especially the most common size, 8.5x4 inches. Download and try one immediately, so you can start handing them out to your clients!

What Is a Discount Voucher?

A discount voucher—voucher codes, promo codes, promotional codes, e-coupons, e-vouchers, and e-deals—are business promotional codes that are made up of numbers and letters. Discount cash vouchers are used and entered when at a store's checkout counter and a certain amount of money is deducted from the original price of a service, product, or good. But why must business employers use these business promotional codes?

According to, "consumers have come to expect coupon codes" in any business, especially in e-commerce. Discount vouchers or coupons entice customers to buy a business's products or services. This is a way of product testing for the business employer. If the customers come back to buy more products then that means the promotional strategy worked and the products are a hit. Start creating your discount vouchers now so you can begin your very own product-testing process!

How to Make Discount Vouchers in Apple Pages

1. Create a Minimal Design

As with all coupons and vouchers, the designs usually emulate minimalism. You don't need to go all out using splashes of colors and images. Most coupons have a minimal and dimmed-color presentation design. The voucher's design signifies that the main point of the discount promotion voucher is not about the presentation, but the promo written on the voucher. Unless you are a die-hard lover of books and bookmarks, a voucher's design does not need to be colorful and bright. It does not need to be given so much effort and thought. Use one or two colors that complement well, and use a simple layout. Be simple in the design.

2. Choose a Single Photo

Aside from the layout and the color scheme, choose a single photo that represents that whole graphic file. The photo must visually describe what the discount voucher offers. For example, you are holding a fitness event. The photo must have a person doing a bench press. In a fast-food promo event, a customer must lift one discounted bucket of crispy chicken. And for a restaurant event, a waiter can serve a group of people two buckets of beer for the price of one. You can play around with your promos and decide which product or service do you want to feature.

3. Input the Discount Title and Details

After creating a simple and minimalist design, jot down the necessary details and information about the discount. You must include the promotion voucher title (for example, "PROMO10") and the promotion code. For the promotion code, you can combine letters and numbers that correlate with the promotional event to create an effective promotion code. For example, you are holding a discounted beach resort promo, so you can play around with the promo code. The promo code can be BEATDAHEAT10. Mix and match words until a promo code comes into mind.

4. Input the Deadline and the Instructions

Lastly, input the discount price and the good being used for the promo. For example, you are holding a coffee lovers' dream event marketing plan. You created a voucher with a 20% discount on a coffee of your choice. However, your promotion can go wrong if you don't input the validity and expiration date. In terms of the validity and expiration date, you must indicate whether the discount voucher is an unlimited or single-use coupon. When you are finished, review the whole design and print it when you are confident that it is ready!

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