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    What Is a Discount Voucher?

    A voucher is a small piece of paper that can be redeemed for its monetary value and can be spent on products such as food, clothes, gadgets or services like massages or haircuts. It is used to get discounts and occasionally serves as a substitute for money. It can come in the form of gift certificates or gift cards. 

    How to Make a Discount Voucher on Adobe Photoshop?

    Whether it's handcrafted or digitally printed, discount vouchers are an essential tool in helping establish a business and gaining more customers. The process of creating one has changed thanks to computer programs. Now it is easier to edit blank templates to make a voucher that looks desirable. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most common programs used to create the likes of vouchers, cards, flyers, or posters. Thanks to its user-friendly format anyone can make any of the aforementioned tools instead of hiring someone else. This article serves as a guide to using Adobe Photoshop. Just follow the steps below.

    1. Determine How Much the Voucher Offers

    When it comes to creating a discount voucher, you need to have some idea of what your customer wants. Usually, they look for the amount of discount the voucher will be giving off. This is usually written in the form of a percentage, however, you also have the option to make put the final price that they're paying for the product or service. Sometimes the vouchers can state the amount subtracted. Just make sure that your voucher content can appeal to your customer.

    2. Sense of Urgency

    One thing you need to include in your voucher is its expiration date, if you want to include one that is. When your customer sees that there's an expiration date, they get a sense of urgency. Because they feel it would be a waste, they'll try to free up their time to stop by your store. Whether your product or service is on-demand or not (maybe it's not even in their plan to acquire it), knowing that the clock is ticking gives them a sense of urgency. 

    3. The Exclusivity of the Voucher

    An important tip you need to remember is that you need to indicate where your voucher can be accepted. Is it available for all branches or is it only exclusive to a single branch? Can it be used at any time or are there certain hours? It's important to put this in the terms and conditions at the back of the voucher.

    4. Design the Voucher

    Before you make your design, you need to determine how your voucher will look. Does it appear as a gift card, gift certificate, or maybe even a ticket? When you decide on this, create a rough draft. Because Photoshop can use several layers, you can easily make your final design above your draft. You have the option to use images or vector illustrations. If you go for the former, adjust the transparency and use dark colors for your text to give it emphasis. Vector illustrations are fine as they are so long as the color isn't too painful to look at due to the hue or too dull because of how muted the colors are. 

    5. Review and Print Out

    As soon as you have the voucher design that you want, take some time to relax for a bit. For most people, the longer they look at their work the more they dislike it. So take a break. When you return, review your work and see if there's anything in the design you feel you should change or improve. Do the same for your content. Edit any details you deem unnecessary. Check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation and fix the mistakes you can find. When you finish, you can save two copies: the PSD and the JPEG files.