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How to Create a Travel Voucher in PSD

Travel vouchers are one of the best marketing tools that a business that provides travel services can greatly benefit from. Not all people can leisurely travel and even if they do, they will be delighted if they can manage to get any type of discount, such as a cheap airfare, to lessen their possible travel expense. Apart from discounts, customers can also experience convenience through your business' voucher program.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits you can get from having travel vouchers, we highly recommend you to DIY your own using Adobe Photoshop. Below are the guidelines you can follow in order to do so:

1. Draw a Realistic Theme or Concept from Your Purpose

Before starting any design material, it is ideal that you need to know your purpose for creating one first so you can draw out a realistic theme or concept that serves as an anchor further in the design process, as well as in the process of coming up with your discount's terms and conditions.

For example, the purpose of the travel voucher you are about to create is for your Christmas promotions. Since you already know you are making it for Christmas, you will make sure that the design elements you will incorporate in its designs are Christmas-related and that its terms and conditions include the fact its holder can only claim the voucher during the holidays.

2. Determine the Necessary Contents for Your Travel Voucher

Now that you have already determined your travel voucher's purpose and theme, it will now be easier for you to determine its necessary contents, specifically its design and texts elements. When it comes to design, the elements you may include are a background image, highlight images, and other graphics. Whatever design elements you want to include, ensure it's anchored to your concept.

When it comes to its texts, some of the basic elements you may include are your business name, business logo, voucher codes, promotion details, terms and conditions, expiry date, and your contact details such as your landline or phone numbers, email address, and even your social media handles.

3. Launch Adobe Photoshop and Set Up Your Page

After determining your purpose, concept, and contents, you are now ready to dive into the creation process in Adobe Photoshop. Create a new Photoshop document and set the page size according to your preferences. There's basically no standard size when it comes to your voucher's dimensions; the size of your voucher depends on the number of contents you would like for it to contain.

Just make sure it does not make your final design look overwhelming or look empty. As soon as you are done setting up your page, you can start designing!

4. Proofread and Finalize Before Saving and Printing

Do not make the mistake of not proofreading your final draft before printing—you're doing permanent damage not just to your voucher's design but as well as your credibility! You can always and easily replace all your printed designs if you have enough funds but you cannot easily and quickly change people's view of you once you have already distributed them vouchers with a lot of errors in it.

So, before you get too excited printing your travel vouchers, make sure you have already thoroughly proofread and finalized your travel voucher before saving it in .psd file format or before printing it all!

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