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How to Create a Hotel Voucher in Photoshop?

After countless hours of working or traveling far away from home, it’s pure bliss to finally kick off your shoes and rest under the cozy sheets of a bed. A spacious hotel room can provide you this level of comfort. But what’s more delightful if you are entitled to a hotel service for less? Or better yet, on someone else’s expense? Hotel vouchers may grant you this delight. A hotel voucher is a small piece of card or paper which entitles someone to avail a particular service or facility of a hotel. Typically, a voucher is purchased by an individual to give it to someone as a birthday, Valentine’s, or wedding gift.

If you are a hotelier, step up your marketing game and build customer loyalty by offering your customers a hotel voucher or gift voucher card. To aid you with that, we have provided a step-by-step guide for you to follow.

1. Launch Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is an editing software which features multiple tools that enable users to manipulate, crop, and resize images. It is a powerful software which will help you create an aesthetically compelling voucher design. To start, open Adobe Photoshop and create a new file by clicking File > New > Blank File. A dialog box will pop up which lets you enter the preferred dimensions of your file. The standard coupon size is 3 inches by 8 inches. Next is set the image resolution to 300 ppi. If you don't want to begin with a blank canvas, you can download a voucher mockup or voucher template from our site. Our templates are ready-made, you just have to modify some details and you’re good to go.

2. Choose a Theme

Decide what voucher design you would like to come up with. Would you want to achieve a modern, minimalist, simple, elegant, or geometric design? If you want to create a seasonal gift voucher, your design should correspond with the current season or the ongoing holiday. The theme will be the basis of your choice of fonts and colors.

3. Highlight Your Offer

The offer is what makes your voucher or gift card appealing to prospective customers. You have to indicate what particular service or product the user can avail at the hotel—be it a complimentary breakfast, dinner for two, free use of the hotel’s spa facilities, and others. If you offer a big discount for a particular service, be sure to highlight it in your voucher. For a money voucher, specify the amount.

4. Include Terms and Conditions

For the customer to fully understand your offer, clearly state the terms and conditions of the gift card. This will also save you from the trouble of having to explain yourself in the event that misunderstandings happen. Moreover, make sure that you specify the expiration date of the sample voucher. To input a text in Adobe Photoshop, click type tool from the tools palette. Then, click on the area where you want to insert the text. You can customize the font, font size, font alignment, and font color at the top of Photoshop workspace.

5. Print

Finalize the design and save it in Photoshop (.psd) file format so you can make necessary changes. For the printing, save it as an image file format to preserve the formatting and layout of the voucher. To do so, click File > Save As > Format > JPEG > Save. Now, all you have to do is print the voucher and market it.