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Google Docs

Google Docs is perfect for processing different types of documents that matter a lot to students, employees, medical professionals, legal experts, and others. To create, store, and share documents—that alone is what many people look for in word processing tools, and you can expect and enjoy even more powerful and streamlined features.... Read More

save google docs to microsoft word

How to Download / Convert / Save Google Docs to Microsoft Word

Downloading, converting, and saving Google Docs to Microsoft Word has never been easier when you apply these simple steps the next time you create new Google Docs files. And the only prerequisites you need are a Google account and a stable internet connection.

How to Download Google Files in All Supported Formats

Google Docs can be downloaded in different files and formats. And it helps to get introduced to these supported formats ahead so you will know which suits best for your next Google file to optimize. This article has got you covered in downloading different Google files in various supported formats.

How to Add Fonts to Google Docs

Nobody wants to use generic fonts the entire time on Google Docs, especially when you want to give more life and uniqueness to your documents. So check out this brief tutorial on how to insert fonts into your next Google document.

How to Turn Off AutoCorrect on Google Docs

While Google Docs’ AutoCorrect feature is helpful, sometimes, you need not use it when the purpose of the document is to be unedited or unfiltered. And turning off the AutoCorrect feature is super easy when you apply these steps.

How to Double Space in Google Docs

Double spacing sets clear boundaries between texts and empty spaces. But are you having a hard time using it on Google Docs? Follow this quick tutorial on how to double space seamlessly in Google Docs.