How to Make Columns in Google Docs

You can make boundaries in your Google Docs file with columns. So be sure to apply the steps in this tutorial on how to create columns in Google Docs as well as deciding how many columns you want to make.

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How to Make Columns in Google Docs

  • Step 1: Open Google Docs First


    Visit on your browser or open the Google Docs app on your Android device, iPhone, or iPad first. And you can only access Google Docs with a verified Google account.


  • Step 2: Add a Column Layout


    Process to create a Google Docs or new blank document first. Then, head to the top menu and select “Format.” Then, scroll down and click “Columns.” Just choose your preferred column layout from the given examples and you can create columns shortly.

  • Step 3: Explore More Options


    You can customize your column further by following the same steps again from clicking “Format” down to pressing “Columns.” But this time, click “More options” instead of any basic column layout.

  • Step 4: Edit the Column Layout

    how-to-make-columns-in-google-docs-step-41A popup window will appear where you can change page margins or spacing in inches, decide the number of columns to insert, or even add a vertical line between columns. Just tweak this tool and click “Apply” to make the changes happen for your document in Google Docs.

  • Step 5: Insert the Column Break

    how-to-make-columns-in-google-docs-step-4Mark that you are done with a current column by adding a column break. Simply move your cursor and any other text after that to the top part of the next column. That part should be where you want the column break to appear. Then, select “Insert” at the top menu. Scroll down and click “Break,” which is found below the options for using headers and footers or page numbers followed by “Column Break.” It will automatically add the column break, meaning your cursor is right at the very beginning of the next column already.

When should you use columns in Google Docs?

Using columns in Google Docs is recommended when your document contains loads of information, such as fashion magazines, HR newsletters, and other text-heavy documents. When you add columns into the format, it will be easy to read. And the best part is you can control when and where the next column starts through the use of column breaks.

How do I remove the column format?

Highlight the columns you want to remove. Then, click “Format” on the menu followed by “Columns.” Tap the option with one column and it will remove the column format. Use these settings if you use Google Docs on mobile as well.

How do I make two or three columns in Google Docs?

Same as the steps mentioned earlier, hit “Format” on the top menu. Then, click “Columns.” There are three basic options of columns available where you can have one, two, or three columns. Just click the option with two or three columns and you are good to go. If you opt for more columns, simply type the number of columns you want to add in the “More options” tool.

Where can I get templates compatible with Google Docs?

Explore professionally made, editable, and printable Google Docs templates for free on Just click your preferred template, personalize it, then download it easily.