How to Move or Copy Google Docs from One Drive to Another

Transferring a Google Docs file to another is certainly possible. So, allow this short article to guide you on how to move or copy Google Docs from one drive to another quickly.

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How to Move or Copy Google Docs from One Drive to Another

  • Open


    Make sure you are signed in to your Google account so you can access Google Docs and eventually move or copy documents from one Google Drive to another.

  • Step 2: Select the Files You Want to Move and Share

    You can create a Google Docs or open an existing file. Scroll down and find the files you wish to move or share. Then, select all of them and right-click. Press “Share” after. Or, select the share icon found at the upper page. Pressing that icon means you will be directed to a window that allows you to pick the accounts you want your files to be moved to.

  • Step 3: Jot Down the Email Addresses and Assign Roles

    Type every email address you want your document or files to be moved to. If they are already saved on your contacts, then simply find them on your list. Next, assign a role such as “Editor” so the other account can edit the files. Then, hit “Send.”

  • Step 4: Select the Files You Want to Copy

    Instead of just moving Google Docs files, you may opt to copy files. Same as before, select all the files you want to copy. Then, right-click if you are using Windows or double-click if you are using Mac.

  • Step 5: Hit “Make a copy” and Move the Copied Files

    Clicking “Make a copy” means you can already rename the copied Google Docs file/s. Then, you can transfer the files to any folder. But remember, you cannot exactly copy the whole shared folder, only the files inside. Just delete the files from the original folder if you don’t need those anymore.

Why should you store documents on Google Drive?

Google Drive is highly recommended when it comes to the many platforms with excellent cloud storage services as it can store backup documents safely and make transferring files a lot easier.

What are the different ways to transfer or share Google Drive files?

There are four main ways to transfer files from one Google Drive account to another:

• Copy and paste the content of one document to a new document in the other user’s account. But that is only applicable if you have the other account’s password.
• Copy and share the file to another Google account where changes are all synced, that is if the document is deleted.
• Copy and transfer Drive files to a new owner, meaning you change the owner to the other user account as this allows control for the other user.
• Download the document and upload it to Google Drive, but this time, upload it to another account. Just make sure you have the password and that the other user allows an upload to Google Drive.

What is the shortcut to select multiple files at once on Google Docs?

On Google Docs, you can select multiple files at once through either of the following:

• Hold down the keyboard’s “Ctrl” button. Then, click every file you want to choose.
• Click on the empty space to pick files.

What is the shortcut to select files you want to copy on Google Docs?

Just press Shift + left click if you are using Windows or Shift + one-finger click if you are using Mac.

When was Google Docs founded?

Google Docs was founded in 2006 by Sam Schillace.