Mini Sessions

Mini sessions are smaller versions of the portrait photo packages offered by photographers. Creating a memorable and wonderful mini-session photoshoot for your clients such as couples, families, and other individuals is a worthwhile experience that you can give to them to capture their special moments in just a short period.  

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Mini Session Definition & Meaning

A mini session is a type of photoshoot that offers a small portrait session that only lasts for 15-20 minutes.

Mini sessions are meaningful photo sessions for many people, businesses, and organizations as they provide short photoshoots that are less expensive and allow new customers to try affordable photo sessions.

What Is a Mini Session?

A mini session is an effective marketing technique for photographers to showcase their photography styles and other works to new customers. It is generally used by photographers and other people to help budget-conscious individuals, groups, and families to capture their memorable times and special moments together in a short time.

10 Types of Mini Session

Summer Mini Session 

A summer mini session focuses on the summer season. It is a refreshing concept in photography used to feature the hot summer season. Be creative while designing your mini session post while using a sample professional summer mini session


Fundraiser Mini Session 

If you are currently managing a fundraising event, a fundraiser mini session is a great way to donate to your sponsoring organization. It can generate funds for your selected charity while earning through your photoshoots. Professionally demonstrate your mini session services while using our sample fundraiser mini session


Maternity Mini Session 

Offer some high-quality yet affordable mini photoshoots for new moms who want to make their pregnancy memorable! A maternity mini session is an elegant photo session that you can give to our dear new moms before welcoming their little ones. Include in your maternity mini session post the pricing, time duration, and a number of images of your mini session.


Senior Mini Session 

Spend a meaningful time with your grandfather, grandmother, or your dear elderly ones while working on a senior mini photo session. Inform your prospective clients about your mini session for seniors by highlighting the discounted price, time duration, number of edited digital images, and print release of the mini session. We recommend that you use a sleek and modern senior mini session to promote this photo shoot. 


Beach Mini Session

Experience the refreshing breeze from the beach and enjoy the wonderful scenery of the ocean during a beach mini photo shoot! A beach mini session is a fun mini session that you can offer during summer vacation days. So, easily download and use a customizable beach mini session template


Spring Mini Session

Blooming flowers, lush trees, and lovely air are some things to add to a spring mini photo session. Spring mini sessions are gorgeous mini photo shoots to showcase the romantic vibes of couples or to display a spring fashion collection for an apparel brand or clothing business. Use a floral and minimalist spring mini session to promote your photography services and allow people to book your mini session. 


Family Mini Session 

Make an appealing vintage family mini session for family get-togethers and other special family events and occasions! A family mini session can be a short photo session of a newlywed couple, a family with kids, or an elderly couple celebrating their wedding anniversary. Describe your photo session package to your prospects in your family mini session post. 


Photographer Mini Session 

A photographer mini session is a type of mini session that you offer for a brochure, magazine, or other publication photo shoot. It can be a short photoshoot for new models and photographers who want to build their portfolios. Make a sophisticated photographer mini session post while using a unique template.


Graduation Mini Session 

Prepare a visually-aesthetic graduation mini session post for new grade school, middle school high school, and college graduates. Point out your standard mini session offerings to grab the attention of your potential customers. Simply add the necessary information to this graduate mini session template and personalize it according to your needs and preferences. 


Birthday Mini Session

Make meaningful birthday gifts by offering beautiful birthday mini sessions for the celebrants! Some popular birthday photoshoot themes, concepts, and visual elements for kids and toddlers are unicorn, glitter, carnival, farm, tree, princess, and many more. Download and use our sample birthday mini session for your birthday mini session social media posts, and flyers. 


Mini Session Uses, Purpose, Importance

A mini session provides a variety of uses depending on the concept or theme that the photographer offers to the customers. There are different types of mini sessions for small groups and individuals such as school event mini session, winter mini session, princess mini session, tea party mini session, Valentine mini session, etc. Below is a list of the common uses, purposes, and importance of a mini session.

Efficient Marketing Tool

Creating a mini session for your photography services is a beneficial marketing tool because it helps you to introduce your photo sessions to new, prospective clients. It lets customers experience your photography services in a short period and enables you to establish your brand.

Affordable Photo Package

Mini sessions are perfect for individuals and families who are not ready to commit to full photo sessions but want to have a taste of your photography services. These sessions are less expensive as they are reduced in price compared to full sessions.

Short Photo Sessions

A mini session is a short photo session that gives people the opportunity to try your photoshoot. As small versions of full photo sessions, mini sessions offer a shorter duration of photoshoots for people who want quick photo sessions.


If you are a new photographer, you can use mini sessions for building your photography portfolio. This is a time-efficient way to maximize your gallery, allowing you to showcase more images to your prospective clients.

Call to Action

With the use of a mini session, photographers can select a slot and get photos. Doing this enables them to check the photos off their lists.

What’s in a Mini Session? Parts?


Write the title of your mini session. Use clear and simple language when writing your mini session title. 

Simple Message

Include a concise message or simple copy in your mini session post. Inform the audience about your current mini session offerings and services.


Use some attention-grabbing images of your mini session photography. These images will certainly entice your audience and make them want to obtain your mini session.

Contact Information

Fill in your post with contact details like a link to your website so that you are easily accessible to people who want to book your mini session. Add your phone number, business address, email address, and social media links. 

How to Design a Mini Session

1. Choose a Mini Session Size

2. Consider the purpose of your Mini Session

3. Select the Mini Session Template

4. Include the basic information and specifications of your mini session 

5. Add colors and other graphic elements

6. Adjust and revise some elements if necessary

7. Finalize and download your mini session

Mini Session vs. Family Edition

A mini session is a short photo session made to offer the customers a lower price and a shorter photoshoot with fewer images.

A family edition is a type of photo session aimed at capturing deep and significant moments of each family member to one. 

What’s the Difference Between a Mini Session, Full Session & Portrait Session?

A mini session is a short and less expensive portrait session that typically lasts for 15-45 minutes without any breaks.

A full session is a lengthy and more candid portrait session that can range from 1-2 hours with breaks and it includes more photos than mini sessions.

A portrait session is a type of photography session made outdoors using a classic portraiture lens. 

Mini Session Sizes

Mini sessions have different standard sizes. The mini session size and format depend on the use and purpose of the group, business, organization, or individual. 

FormatSize in InchesSize in CentimetersSize in Millimeters
Letter (US)8.5 x 1121.59 x 27.94 215.9 x 279.4
A48.26 x 11.6921 x 29.7210 x 297

Mini Session Ideas & Examples

There are various ways to showcase your creativity when it comes to designing mini session posts. Check out the following details for more mini session ideas and design inspiration.

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What does a mini session include?

A mini session includes a smaller version of portrait photo packages with around 20 photos at a less expensive price.

How long should a mini session last?

A mini session typically lasts for 15-25 minutes per customer.

What are mini sessions good for?

Mini sessions are good for couples, small groups, and solo travelers.

What are Christmas mini sessions?

These types of mini sessions are short holiday-themed photo shoots that allow families to obtain great pictures without the need for costly and lengthy portrait shoots.

How many photos do you get with a mini session?

You will get around 20 photos and 5 final photos with a mini session. 

Are mini sessions worth it? 

Mini sessions are fantastic for people who are on a tighter budget.

What are these fall mini-sessions all about?

Fall mini sessions are usually made during the autumn or fall season when the weather is cooler and the falling leaves make the background fun and nostalgic.

What kind of marketing is best for mini sessions?

Email marketing and social media marketing are best for promoting mini sessions.

Why do photographers require a deposit for a mini session?

Photographers require a deposit for a mini session because they make sure that their clients will surely receive their photography services at a specific time and location.

What is considered a mini photo session?

A short photo session is considered a mini photography session.