T-Shirt Sizes

T-Shirt sizes can widely vary with the different gender, age ranges, and body types of individuals across varying countries. Learn more about T-Shirt sizes so you can better accommodate the needs and demands of your customers and make better recommendations for the sizing of your collection of products. t-shirt-sizes1

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T-Shirt Sizes Standard


Small T-Shirt sizes for women are 6 in the US and 8 in the UK, measuring 19 inches by 25 inches or 48.26 cm by 63.5 cm. For men’s small T-Shirt size, its dimensions are 24 inches by 27.5 inches or 61 cm by 70 cm. 


The medium T-Shirt size for women measures 20 inches by 26 inches or 50.8 cm by 66.04 cm. It is 8 in the US and 10 in the UK. For men, when you talk about medium T-Shirt size, its width should be 25 inches and its length 28.5 inches, equating to 63.5 cm by 72.39 cm.


Measuring 21 inches by 27 inches or 53.34 cm by 68.58 cm is the large T-Shirt size for females, which is 10 in the US and 12 in the UK in numerics. The men’s large T-Shirt size is 26 inches by 29.5 inches, which is also 66.04 cm by 74.93 cm.

T-Shirt Sizes for Print

XS: (W)18 inches by 24 inches/ (M) 23 inches by 26.5 inches

Measuring 45.72 cm by 60.69 cm for women and 58.42 cm by 67.31 cm for men, these T-Shirt sizes are designed to fit people with slender body types.


S: (W)19 inches by 25 inches / (M) 24 inches by 27.5 inches

For consumers needing slim-fit T-Shirts around or near the sizes 48.26 cm by 63.5 cm for females and 61 cm by 70 cm for men, choosing this T-Shirt size is ideal.


M: (W) 20 inches by 26 inches/ (M) 25 inches by 28.5 inches

T-shirts designed for women that measure 50.8 cm by 66.04 cm and those for men with the dimensions of 63.5 cm by 72.39 cm belong to the medium-size category.


L: (W) 21 inches by 27 inches/ (M) 26 inches by 29.5 inches

For people that belong to bigger body types or sizes and those who are more comfortable with oversized clothing, ordering T-Shirts with the measurements 53.34 cm by 68.58 cm is suitable for women and 66.04 cm by 74.93 cm for men.


XL:(W) 23 inches by 28 inches/ (M) 27 inches by 30.5 inches

For the plus-sized female buyers, you should consider choosing the sizes 58.42 cm by 71.12 cm, and for men, 68.58 cm by 77.47 cm. It is crucial to remember that T-Shirt creators and retailers offer diverse XL sizes.


XXL: (W) 25 inches by 30 inches/ (M) 28 inches by 31.5 inches

The recommended XXL sizes offered by brands can differ a lot. Although for classic sizing, it measures 63.5 cm by 76.2 cm for women and 71.12 cm by 80 cm for men.


T-Shirt Sizes for Business

Considering how people have various heights, weights, and body types, you should offer or sell size-inclusive T-Shirts. Although, with the majority of people belonging to the small, medium, and large sizes, you would want to ensure that you have plenty of stock for these sizes. That said, secure T-Shirts that measure 19 inches by 25 inches, 20 inches by 26 inches, and 21 inches by 27 inches for women and  24 inches by 27.5 inches, 25 inches by 28.5 inches, and 26 inches by 29.5 inches for men.


T-Shirt Sizes for Adobe Photoshop

When creating T-Shirts graphics and designs in Adobe Photoshop, it is recommended to follow the measurements of the A3 paper. You should set its dimensions to 11.7 inches by 16.5 inches. Also, another effective tip is to input 14 inches by 17 inches as the measurements of your design.


T-Shirt Sizes for Adobe Illustrator

When using Adobe Illustrator, you can use and edit T-Shirt graphic design templates or create your own. You can personalize and customize essential elements to fit your preferences. Also, you should take note that setting the height and width of your document to 850 by 850 pixels is preferable when designing T-Shirts. 


T-Shirt Sizes FAQs

What is the normal size of a T-Shirt?

The normal or most common T-Shirt sizes are small, medium, and large, with the latter covering over 30 percent of the shirt sales.

What height is a big T-Shirt?

The length of big T-Shirt sizes can range from 29.5 inches onwards.

What length should a T-Shirt Be?

The length of your T-Shirt should be the measurement you record from your collar up to your hips, the bottom part of your buttocks, or wherever you want it to end.

What is L size T-Shirt?

Large size T-Shirts for adult women have the dimensions of 21 inches by 27 inches, and when it comes to men, it measures 26” by 29.5″.

How thick is a cotton T-Shirt?

Depending on the type of cotton and its percentage, it can be lightweight (4-5 oz), standard or medium (6-8 oz), and heavyweight (12 oz and onwards).

What does T-Shirt size mean?

A T-Shirt size usually includes its width, length, and other dimensions such as bust, armhole, neck size, and sleeve length.

How wide is a large T-Shirt?

The width of a large T-Shirt is or should be around 26 inches or 66.04 cm.

What is a good weight for T-Shirts?

Regardless of the T-Shirt material used, the average weight of T-Shirts should be between 85 grams to 198.5 grams.

What is the width of a T-Shirt?

The width of a T-Shirt refers to the measurement from one armhole to another.

What is the T-Shirt size in agile?

In agile estimation techniques, teams use the same method in estimating story points and delivery planning for their projects as choosing T-Shirt sizes during purchase.

How do you know your shirt size when buying online?

When buying T-Shirts online or on eCommerce platforms, the most crucial steps to ensure that you can make a good and informed purchase is to look at their chart sizes and take accurate measurements of your body dimensions.