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Table of Contents

  1. Banner Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is a Banner?
  3. 10 Types of Banners
  4. Banner Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s in a Banner? Parts?
  6. How to Design a Banner
  7. Banner Vs. Poster
  8. What’s the Difference Between a Banner, Brochure, and Billboard?
  9. Banner Sizes
  10. Banner Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in Banner


Banners are some of the most versatile forms of physical advertising materials. They come in many different shapes, materials, and sizes to suit their purpose and location.

A banner is a visual medium that bears a message or graphic design either on a large piece of cloth or on an advertisement heading on a web page.

That means banners are used by companies and organizations to advertise to a target demographic or artistically convey concepts.

What Is a Banner?

Physical banners are large printouts made of fabric or any strip of material, while digital banners are used in advertisement headings with decorative images. With that said, a banner can be made of anything as long as you don’t remove the main logo, slogan, symbol, or key message it bears. People use these banners for advertising, decorative, and symbolic needs.

10 Types of Banners

Advertising Banners

People incorporate digital advertising banners and physical ad banners for promoting goods, services, and so much more. Advertising banners can be of any format or layout such as roll-up banners, vector graphics banners, and clipart banners. The key is to balance the message you need to convey and your company’s brand in the ad banner.

advertising banner

School Banners

Use school banners to promote educational services or adorn a campus. You may design a school banner with the institution’s insignia inserted into the banner or perhaps you add a school campus photo as the banner’s background. Nevertheless, the banner and its elements should be in HD whether it is online or in print.

school banner

Business Banners

You can bet that business banners are effective for promoting various goods and services from commercial enterprises. A staple custom business banner is known for its professional look. However, don’t forget that these banners are image-based rather than text-based so don’t put too many words in a banner.

business ad banner

HR Banners

Human resource services are crucial for any business to operate. A company can use HR banners to attract business clients and advertise various HR services. These banners, whether in PNG, JPG, GIF, or PSD format, can help you connect with target audiences upon dealing with recruitment and interviews.

creative hr banner

Birthday Banners

Festive birthday banners typically provide details about the main celebrants or act purely as party decorations. If you are to wish a happy birthday to a celebrant, bring some life into the birthday banner itself. Examples include adding pictures of balloons, inserting animated happy birthday ribbon GIFs, and including lots of colors in a banner.


Gaming Banners

The content of a gaming banner usually promotes content for video games and esports including Minecraft, Nintendo Switch Sports, and NBA 2K21. It can also advertise traditional sports like the FIFA World Cup, Super Bowl, and Olympic Games. An easy banner design is to include sports or gaming equipment in the picture.

youtube gaming banner

Fashion Banners

Stylish fashion banners provide the size and flexibility necessary for showcasing models, clothing, shops, and more. Looking elegant, classy, and of course, fashionable should be observed upon seeing the fashion banner. Your banner could make use of high-quality images of models, framed transparent runways, and other themed outfit looks.

fashion ad banner

Service Banners

A service banner provides information about a company’s commercial services. You can find price points, service descriptions, and company details on service banners. Just make sure the content of your banner, may it be sales talk, branding, or an ad, is clear enough to read and big enough to attract attention.

hr services banner

Restaurant Banners

With the help of restaurant banners, a food-service establishment can promote its delicious offers. Be sure to download and insert the best food photography shots of your restaurant’s dishes into the banner to appetize audiences. Also, restaurant banners are useful to share discounts, promos, and special announcements.

thanksgiving restaurant banner

YouTube Banners

A YouTube banner is a decorative header image on a YouTube channel’s profile page. There are different website banners to promote any site, not just YouTube. Examples include Facebook banners, Instagram banners, Twitter banners, Tumblr banners, and Twitch banners.

adventure youtube banner

Banners vary in function, purpose, and significance. You must understand the different uses, reasons, and importance of a banner before even making the banner itself. Some of the major highlights for you to understand about banners are the following:


People incorporate different printed banners in a wide array of settings, including but not limited to shopping malls, birthday parties, and school campuses. The same goes for all the virtual banners around the web, which are present on all kinds of websites. Banners serve as staple advertising materials for business needs, whether it’s in a digital or physical format.


Products, events, real estate, sports, politics, appreciation, and employment are only a few examples of what a business or organization can advertise with banners. You can even use certain banner types at events and establishments as decorations. So whether you promote a Halloween party, IT & software company opening, or just about anything, banners can help make some noise about it.


Like other forms of advertising, banners provide plenty of flexibility. However, banners are unique in terms of how to use them as either physical printouts or virtual imagery. Whether it’s material or digital, you can create premade or blank banners in a variety of shapes and sizes.

What’s in a Banner? Parts?


The tagline provides a catchy and memorable hook. It leaves a strong impression that lingers in a reader’s mind.

Focal Point

A banner needs to grab a passerby’s attention. From a photo to a text, the focal point or subject of focus can be anything.

Graphic Design

A banner’s graphic design gives it life. Shapes and colors can make the written content have more impact.

Promotional Details

Promotional details are the primary text of a banner. This part needs to get the point across in a streamlined fashion.

what’s in a banner parts

How to Design a Banner

1. Choose a Banner Size

2. Decide the purpose of the banner

3. Select the Banner Template

4. Add an appealing color palette

5. Write the necessary text

6. Print your banner on high-quality material

how to design a banner

People create banners out of durable materials (e.g., vinyl, mesh) and set them up by hanging them or propping them up.

Meanwhile, posters are printed out on paper and simply stuck onto surfaces.

What’s the Difference Between a Banner, Brochure, and Billboard?

Banners come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and are either hung or propped up.

Brochures are small handouts that incorporate a variety of foldable formats.

Billboards are printed on large, durable materials and found high up in urban settings and beside rural roads.

You’ll find a variety of banner sizes for different needs. You must ensure what the banner is for before even designing a banner to meet your goals and objectives. Below are just a few examples:

banner sizes

Coming up with fresh ideas for a banner design is no easy feat. And so, to help you get started right away, we’ve prepared a selection of banner ideas for your perusal.


Why Use Banner Ads for Business?

Banners provide exposure for businesses and generate interest in their brands.

What Are the Important Elements of a Banner?

These elements consist of the company logo, graphic design, images, proposition body, and call to action.

What Is a Banner Ad and How Does It Work?

Banner ads are internet advertisements that generate exposure or bolster a website’s user traffic.

What Is a Mesh Banner?

It is a banner made of woven fabric that allows air to flow through.

What Are Sticky Banners?

Sticky banners are portrait-shaped image ads on the sides of web pages.

Which Sizes of Banners Should I Create?

The most popular banner sizes are 3 × 6 ft and 4 × 8 ft.

What Is a Web Banner?

A web banner, otherwise known as a banner ad, is a promotional image found commonly around the Internet.

What Is a Banner Used For?

People can use banners for promotional and decorative purposes.

What Is a Homepage Banner?

It is a large promotional image stretched across the top of a website’s homepage.

What Should My LinkedIn Banner Be?

A LinkedIn banner should contain your occupation, contact information, previous companies, social media handles, and a catchy tagline.

What Is a Banner Image?

A banner image, or hero image, is a large introductory picture on a website’s homepage.

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