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Table of Contents

  1. Social Media Definition & Meaning
  2. What Is Social Media?
  3. 10 Types Of Social Media
  4. Social Media Uses, Purpose, Importance
  5. What’s In Social Media? Parts?
  6. How To Design A Social Media?
  7. Social Media Vs. Digital Marketing
  8. What’s the Difference Between Social Media, Marketing, and SEO?
  9. Social Media Sizes
  10. Social Media Ideas & Examples
  11. FAQs
  12. More in Social Media

Social Media

Social Media has become part of a necessary daily routine and continuously is increasing in prominence in today’s society with no signs of slowing down. With the versatility of social media, you can read this concise yet comprehensive article on the different types of social media posts so you can attract viewers to engage with you, especially with the content you create and produce.

Social Media Definition & Meaning

Social networks are known for connecting and discussing mental thoughts, ideas, and material with other users who share similar likes and interests.

Online communication has enabled information to reach people and audiences who were previously inaccessible, which is a vital tool forum when it comes to having to market your ideas or disseminating updates not just within your local community but also internationally.

What Is Social Media?

Social media refers to websites and programs that emphasize communication, cultural input, engagement, sharing of content, and cooperation that have a huge potential to influence viewers or shift their position. Some social networking sites aimed at professionals may contain a broad forum where professionals may connect with coworkers or offer an exclusive platform centered on certain jobs or interest levels. Though professionals would recommend not to overspend time on social media as it can lead to negative effects of viewing one’s own health, appearance, or life.

10 Types Of Social Media

Instagram Post Social Media

An Instagram post is an image or clip that a user uploads to the network. Users or owners of the account have the creative liberty to choose what they want to post and share with the public. Accompanying the image is a caption where users can share catchy or witty statements. Instagram also has the option to archive posts users no longer want to share on their account but it merely acts to hide the post from public view.

instagram post 788x

Instagram Story Social Media

An Instagram story is a vertical photo or video that lasts up to 15 seconds and disappears after 24 hours. They are presented at the top of an active user’s app while they are signed in, rather than in the feed, and may be tapped through to see. Users can also edit their photos into collages or share videos as boomerangs as a fun twist to a traditional setup.

instagram story 788x1410

Facebook Post Social Media

Facebook posts are the easiest method to interact with your Facebook friends, or for pages, to your target audience, and have a higher possibility of engagement. When your friends or audience sees that you are active, you will get the most out of your account, and postings are a free method to achieve that. Anyone who visits your profile or page should see a current and significant post that is left with an impact.

facebook post 788x

Pinterest Pin Social Media

Pinterest pins are bookmarks that individuals use to save information from Pinterest that they like. People may search for pins, bookmark their favorites, and learn more by clicking on a pin. While you can’t conceal your current account entirely, you can utilize secret boards to preserve all of your pins and have them concealed from others. To keep your pins private from others, you can alter your name or utilize private boards.

pinterset pin 788x10

Whatsapp Posts Social Media

WhatsApp post or status is a function that allows you much space to make status updates that are deleted after 24 hours. Images, movies, text, links, and animated GIFs are all able to be sent. Someone can view your status updates if you have their contact information in your contact list and they have your mobile number in their address book. You may opt to publish your status updates with all of your contacts or just a selection of them.

whatsapp post 788x10

Youtube Thumbnails Social Media

A YouTube thumbnail allows the account owner to visually express why viewers should select their video above the many others in the search results. It is beneficial to allow people to get a brief preview of your film while they are exploring YouTube especially if there are similar topics or share the same topic. After your video has finished uploading, you can select one of three thumbnails generated by YouTube or submit your own if your account is authenticated.

youtube thumbnail 788x10

Linkedin Post Social Media

All LinkedIn members may use posts to promote their professional skills, experiences, and stories with their contacts and the greater community policy. Posts are an easy way to remain in touch with your community. Any content you share is publicized to your network’s LinkedIn homepage newsfeed. The different types of Linkedin posts include text-only posts, single-image posts, multiple image posts, native video posts, Linkedin articles, and document posts.

linkedin post 788x

Snapchat Geofilters Social Media

Snapchat geofilters allow you to apply location-based filters to your images. For example, if you take a photo in Manhattan, the geofilters will be different than if you were in California. Community geofilters are also free to upload; however, Snapchat is quite picky about approving these sorts of filters, and only a tiny percentage of submissions make it to the live stage.

snapchat geofilters 788x

Tumblr Post Social Media

Tumblr is best defined as a microblogging service that resembles a cross between Twitter, WordPress, and Facebook. Text, photos, videos, audio, and links can be posted by users. If you follow other users’ blogs, you will see the stuff they post in your own feed. Tumblr’s material is quite diverse; all of your text postings, including those that have been reblogged, are shown. Tumblr posts are easily tracked through tags that are included in each post.

tumblr post 788x10

Twitch Banner Social Media

A Twitch banner is a cover graphic or header that appears above your channel or page. You may utilize an unusual and original graphic art to advertise or just attract more visitors to your Twitch channel by posting it. Unfortunately, a GIF cannot be used as your Twitch banner. Despite the fact that Twitch supports the GIF format, animations do not play on the profile banner, which just displays the first frame.

twitch banner 788x

Social Media Uses, Purpose, Importance

Although everyone has been using social media, there may be some things you are not utilizing it for. Read this curated list to find out more on how you can use them to the fullest potential, determine early on what they can do for you or your business agency, and why using social media is important for your company in boosting sales, garnering customers, and becoming more well-known in your community.


The technologies employed in the communication field are essentially a well-known type of social media platform. These tools include blogs and websites that allow you to produce articles and blogs in order to engage, communicate, inform, and empower your audiences.

Check Reviews

Receiving the items you ordered online can either be of their best quality or one that does not meet your expectations. Everyone is capable of providing feedback on anything you observe. It’s almost like having a chat with someone. Nowadays, anyone can evaluate anything through social media. This is also advantageous to you as a business owner and the rest of your management. You may launch any product stock or solicit feedback from your participants on your Social Media page so that you can provide better services to them in the future.

Brand Monitoring

All consumer brands and businesses that interact with the public utilize brand monitoring tools to check what is being said about their brands, and businesses, or ensure a steady flow of salary. This sort of online presence is entirely achievable thanks to social media. When it comes to summarizing all of the feedback and remarks regarding a certain company office, these tools are invaluable. This will also allow you to control your brand’s online reputation.


The entertainment business is also heavily reliant on social media networks. Consider websites that encourage entertainment. Because of the usage of social media, there are many channels that promote live entertainment. These websites not only encourage individuals to engage with one another but also keep them entertained. Movies and television series are also promoted on various social media platforms. Businesses generate a variety of entertainment films to inform, entertain, and engage their audiences.

Paid Advertising

Social media platforms already have a large user base that you may demographically target to maximize your brand’s, product’s, and services’ online presence. You may also track the effectiveness of your sponsored ad campaigns and make changes as needed to achieve better results such as if your posts are mostly engaged by a teenage girl. Social media advertising is also quite inexpensive, and you will get higher returns on your investment. Paid advertising will be displayed to your target audiences, assisting in lead generation and conversions.

What’s In Social Media? Parts?


Even though most social media postings have headlines, try every technique or course in the book to maximize click-through rates. You can make a particular benefit promise, utilizing figures, pose a question, establish urgency, or arouse interest or emotion. Since keywords aren’t as prominent in this area, you may focus less on including them.

Second Headline

A second headline will provide another cause for the reader to click. It provides them with a better understanding of the topic. The second headline is another opportunity to grab the reader’s attention and entice them to participate and you can also use quotes to captivate viewers.


They should be comprehensive phrases that explain the situation without expressing the obvious. Captions provide context or act as a description for photographs, showing viewers what’s going on in the image so they don’t have to guess or leap to conclusions.


A hashtag is a clickable keyword or topic related to the information you are sharing, such as anything that summarizes your text, image, or video. They can boost the exposure of your social media content, particularly hashtags for popular topics to gauge a large population and easily set trends.


More visual social postings receive more shares, engagement, and clicks than other social media material. If your website is correctly coded, the main picture from the article will display in the social post when it is shared which can include your logo.

what’s in social media parts

How To Design A Social Media?

1. Choose a Social Media Size

2. Determine the purpose of the social media

3. Select the Social Media Template

4. Edit the color and font style

5. Insert images

6. Finalize the edits and publish

You can check out these additional articles for added references when you need to plan for your social media posts:

how to design a social media

Social Media Vs. Digital Marketing

Social media or social media platforms have altered the way individuals connect, communicate, and purchase by making communication and information exchange more convenient.

The marketing campaign process of raising awareness and promoting a business or product online using all accessible digital channels is known as digital marketing with the key components of digital marketing are online marketing challenges and offline digital channels.

What’s the Difference Between Social Media, Marketing, and SEO?

Social media allows you to not only hear what people have been saying about the business but also allow you to respond to them.

Marketing is a set of activities, collection of institutions, and procedures for producing, conveying, delivering, and exchanging value-added solutions for consumers, clients, partners, and society as a whole.

The primary goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to improve a website’s ranking.

Social Media Sizes

With the diversity of social media platforms available, it is critical for social media users to get the picture dimensions correct while generating visual material to avoid awkward stretching and pixelation. The common and most used social media sizes for your posts are 1080 x 1080 px or 630 x 1200 px which you should make sure not to appear too small.

social media sizes

Social Media Ideas & Examples

If you are in need of social media ideas for your business or personal account, then you don’t need to look further as this website provides you with an abundance of them. Check out the best and recommended designs so you can ensure to attract the public’s eye as they scroll through their feed or timeline.


How to create a good social media?

The quality of your posts is a vital aspect of a solid social media strategy; be sure to share web articles related to your sector and post pleasant words, queries, or the truth of your company process.

How to create social media templates in photoshop?

In creating social media templates in photoshop, you will need to select an appropriate size to match its intended use or platform, then you will need to activate the photoshop ruler feature, followed by shapes and images in their designated layout and placement, then you can save your template.

What should be on social media templates?

Social media templates should include careful selection of the theme, the use of brand colors, a specific type of font, and the appropriate usage of white space.

Which social network has the most users?

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking platform, with almost 2.5 billion monthly users as it helps relationships connect.

What are pros and cons of social media?

The pros of social media are it allows people to communicate with convenience as close contact is unnecessary whereas the bad effects include having it be a distraction and overly consuming the user’s time, or worse, depression.

What are the important functions of social media?

The basic benefits of social media are that it allows you to stay in touch, share information on a continuous basis, make new contacts, and sell or promote your material.

Why social media is important for business marketing?

The benefits of business marketing include attracting customers, gathering customer feedback, building customer loyalty, expanding your market reach to include international markets, conducting market research, lowering marketing costs, and increasing revenue through customer networks and advertising.

What should be posted on social media?

One of the recommended factors is to discuss a current event so it can be relevant to your audience and viewers or topics that focus on your product, service, or regarding your business.

Why social media is important for your business?

Using social media to build your company’s brand may help you appear more real when creating more leads and sales, as well as interact with consumers more easily and engage with them on a deeper level, as it also helps to track analytics.

How do you manage social media effectively?

In order to provide consistency, you can use a calendar or scheduling tools to stay on top of the content that needs to be posted on social media.

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