How to Email a Microsoft Word Document

Microsoft Word allows you to email any documents or messages to aid you in sharing and receiving information with your recipients. So if you’re an MS Word user, we invite you to learn the process of how to email a Microsoft Word document through this article. how-to-email-a-microsoft-word-document.

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How to Email a Microsoft Word Document

Microsoft Word makes it easy for its users to share documents through email. So if you need to share your document files with peers, classmates, or colleagues, just follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Open Your Document File in MS Word

    First, browse through your file folders and look for your MS Word document. Select and open it in the Microsoft Word app installed on your Windows or Mac computer.

  • Step 2: Click File and Select the Share Option


    Once your document is open, you can start the process of sharing it through email. To begin, open the File tab by clicking ‘File’ on the menu bar and selecting the Share option. You can find it next to the Print option, which is used to print in Microsoft Word. In addition, if the Share option is unavailable, it could mean you aren’t signed in. So make sure to sign in to Microsoft Word.

  • Step 3: Select an Option to Share via Email

    After clicking the Share option in the File tab, the options for sharing the document via email will appear. Those options comprise of the “Upload to OneDrive” and the “Attach a Copy Instead.” If you select the first option, your document will be saved in OneDrive, which you may share directly through an email message or by providing a direct link. If you select the second option, the document will be shared as a file attachment to an email.

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  • Step 4: Enter the Recipient’s Username or Email Address

    Enter the username or email address of the person with whom you want to share the document with. You can even add multiple recipients if you want to share the document with more than one individual.

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  • Step 5: Click Send

    Once the usernames/emails of your recipients are set, click Send to forward your messages and attachments. Each of your recipients will shortly get an email notification indicating that you shared access to your MS Word document.


Can I send my MS Word document through Gmail?

Yes, you can send your MS Word document through Gmail by composing a Gmail message and uploading the Word document as a file attachment.

Can recipients download a copy of my MS Word document?

Once you share your MS Word document through email, the recipients will have the option to download their own copy of it either on desktop computers or mobile devices.

Can I share MS Word documents but only with view-only access?

Yes, you can share documents with other people and only grant them view-only access simply by deselecting the Allow Editing box.