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The spread of internet connectivity and social media awareness among the people has brought blogging into fashion and a large number of blog templates, both free and paid, are available nowadays for free download. You can use these premium cute blog templates to base your blog on and can choose from a plethora of topics and themes and choose the one which suits the theme of your blog. Or you can design your own blogger templates using simple edit, drag and drop options in the already available blog templates and make them to suit your requirements.... Read More

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17 Minimal Blog Themes and Templates

When we first interpret the meaning of minimal, we often assume it is used to define the least amount of resource or amount necessary to maintain a certain site or object. Typically, a person often associates the term minimal with having less of a rather common thing to have. Now when it comes to blogs, most people assume a minimalist website means a huge reduction in quality in favor of increased performance or fewer system requirements.

15 Best Lifestyle Blog Themes

Lifestyle is defined as the day to day habit of a person, from what they do the moment they wake up, to the moment they must go back to sleep. In one way or another, every person is curious whether their daily habits are common around the world or if it is a habit only they have. Taking advantage of this subconscious desire for information about what to consider as the norm in terms of everyday living, some bloggers create special blogs dedicated to the discussion of different lifestyle choices.

15+ Professional Blogger Templates

When writing a blog, it is important to keep in mind that one must act professionally when doing so. This is because readers or visitors of your site will be depending on you for information and so you should only be featuring relevant and useful information related to the topic of your blog.

11 Grid Blog Themes and Templates

The idea of displaying all of the available posts directly on to the first or main page of a website was originally an idea that most people would think to be inefficient and reduces the time a site visitor will spend on the site. But putting this inaccurate and outdated concept behind, most site viewers actually spend more time in total viewing the site when it is designed with a grid WordPress theme layout. This is because the viewers will be able to select what topic or article they want to see from that blog site.

20+ Magazine Blogger Templates

Whenever we think about magazines, odds are the very first thing that we think of would be that the magazine is about trends such as fashion and art. Although magazines are mostly interpreted that way for a reason, magazine themes can also be used to display more technical topics as well as sports, gardening, and even food or healthy living. You may also see magazine templates.