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Coding can be stressful. From planning a directory structure for your project and choosing the appropriate technologies to use for writing codes and testing the application, the entire process can be a pain in the skin for sure. What’s often more likely frustrating is writing thousands of lines of codes for multiple file types is going to take a lot of time, and, unless you have the time and patience to do this, you are going to end up frustrated and, probably, give up on an entire website project. Of course, there was a time when developers wished there were ways to create websites without spending too much time on the job. Luckily, though, the expectation turned into a reality when the Joomla Project Team appeared in the scene of the internet business.... Read More

brewery theme feature

21 Best WordPress Wine & Brewery Themes for 2023

Wine, an age-old drink made from the fermented juices of grapes, typically aged to perfection while in smoked wooden barrels so as to achieve a certain fragrance as well as taste, wine tasting is often viewed as a rather expensive task solely because of the fact that the process of making wine takes a lot of effort and time due to the fact that wine must be stored in a specific container and aged for several years so as to have the perfect taste and flavor.

6 Step Tutorial on Building A Joomla Business Website Without Coding!

Building a complete website is easier than ever with Joomla CMS. Even you have no coding knowledge, you still can get a perfect business website within a day. Let me show you the detailed guideline “How to build a Joomla responsive website in 6 steps”.

Tips to Secure Joomla 3 and Protect it Against Hacker Attacks

Just like all open source applications, Joomla is vulnerable subjected to a variety of hacks and other security concerns. This makes it extremely important to take all necessary steps to protect your Joomla site through improved security. So, here’s a useful guide of tips and tricks that will help you greatly reduce your chances of getting hacked.