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12+ Double Entry Journal Templates in PDF

A journal is a record of personal use. A journal can be essentially used for any kind of records. The only thing to be kept in mind while drafting journals is that it is done accurately and the purpose is maintained. While some make journals to record scientific findings, some use it to record the details of their favorite quotes from their books. Journal writing is a very good habit as it helps you remember things for a longer time and keep receiving the essence of it every time you open it up.

7+ Accounting Journal Templates in PDF

Accounting is a tough job to do. An accounting journal helps to ease this task a little. Such journals are used to keep track of the financial transactions and orders occurring in the company or business. The information provided in the document is displayed in chronological order. Accounting Journal Templates are used to make these journals. Such journals have now been made mandatory to be used by all finance and accounting departments of companies.

8+ Life Planner Templates

Most often than not, we think ahead of ourselves and overestimate what we can and can’t do. Who doesn’t want to accomplish everything and do them with flying colors? Who doesn’t want to have the perfect body, a flourishing career or a front yard with white picket fences in the suburbs? But contrary to what you’ve heard, the best things in life aren’t free. You have to work for them. You have to have a plan. So plan your life properly by keeping a life planner.