Lease Agreement Template – 15+ Free Word, PDF Documents Download

A lease agreement is a type of template which allows one person to use someone else’s property for a certain time. This might include land, houses, or any such other things. Generally these Rental Agreement Template are used as legal records as verification proof of the deal which contains the time period of leasing, the monetary details and the address and contact details of both the parties.

Basically a lease agreement template is a template which is readily available for the parties including the general conditions and clauses for various leases; one can use these as a reference for their own lease papers by adding their personal clauses in addition to the general clauses given in the template. One can get these Agreement Templates from us in word or PDF formats from us to get a better grasp of these kinds of documents.

Rental Lease Agreement Template

dca.ga.gov | As a landlord you need to have this PDF template to be signed by your tenants. It contains the lease terms like tenant details, security deposit and notice period among other details.

Residential Lease Agreement Template Word Format Download

thehousingcouncil.org | This simple Word lease agreement for residential property specifies the details like tenant, occupant, and the owner details and contacts. It serves also as a contact form for both parties.

Monthly Room Rental Agreement Word Template

web.offcampuspartners.com | As a landlord, you should use this rental agreement form to get a commitment from the tenant staying for short durations like a month. It is available for download in Word format.

House Rental Agreement Word Document Download

academichomes.com | Use this rental agreement template to create a legally binding agreement with tenants. It asks for the tenant details, contacts, rental terms and the rent payable. It can be downloaded in an editable Word format.

Commercial Lease Agreement Template PDF Format Download

cdcloans.com | In order to lease out a commercial premise to a tenant, this form is essential as it captures all the relevant details for both parties and specifies the leasing terms and conditions. The PDF format is easily printable.

Apartment Lease Agreement Template PDF Format Download

servicenl.gov | In order to be covered as a landlord when renting an apartment, your tenants should fill and sign this PDF template form. It captures all the important tenant details, rental duration and the agreed term rent.

House Lease Agreement Template PDF Format Download

hallmarkabstractllc.com | This lease agreement for a house is used to deliver a complete agreement specifying the details like terms, conditions tenant and landlord details among other important information. The PDF form also indicates the monthly and annual rent.

Property Lease Agreement Template Word Document Download

cooperattorneys.co.za | This is a simple but legally covering lease agreement template for a residential property. It is available in an editable Word format and captures the landlord and tenant details adequately.

Commercial Rental Agreement Template Word Document Download

nationalparalegal.edu | With this commercial rental agreement template you can come up with a unique agreement. It is available in Word format to allow customization and easily guides in editing as needed.

Residential House Lease Agreement Template PDF Format Download

tenancy.govt.nz | This is a simple tenancy agreement indicating the terms of using the rental premise. You can print it from the available PDF format or customize with the relevant program to create your desired agreement.

Building Lease Agreement Template PDF Format Download


Room Lease Agreement Template PDF Format Download


Boarding House Tenancy Agreement Template PDF Format Download


Office Lease Agreement Template PDF Format Download


Real Estate Lease Agreement Template PDF Format Download


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