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A roommate agreement is needed when a person shares an apartment or a flat with a roommate. This kind of document templates include all the necessary details of the persons sharing the flat, the share of money they have to pay, the share of chores they are expected to do and all the other conditions which one needs to know and agree upon in order to share a flat. You may also see agreement samples.

27+ FREE AGREEMENT Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages

Basic Roommate Agreement Template

roommate agreement
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  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


Roommate Rental Agreement Form Template

roommate rental agreement form template
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Size: A4, US


Editable Roommate Agreement Template

editable roommate agreement template
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Size: US, A4


These templates also contain the tenure period for which the partners cannot leave the flat and the conditions to follow when the set rules are broken. You can also see Hold Harmless Agreement Template. Agreement Templates of these documents play a vital role in structuring the documents and there are loads of such documents in word, excel and PDF formats available for the people to research from.

Roommate Agreement Form Document Download

roommate agreement form

If you want to share a room with others you need to sign an agreement with them to guide your activities, payment of rent and general behaviour. Download the template in PDF.

Roommate Rental Agreement Form PDF Format Download

roommate rental agreement form

Sharing a rental premise with others can be a challenge if there are no rules set from the start. Use this PDF agreement form to sign an agreement on the way you want to operate together.

Roommate Contract Agreement Form Template Free Download

roommate contract agreement form

This contract among roommates is meant to guide their contributions to rent and general terms of daily living. Download it in the available Word template and customize it if needed.

Roommate Lease Agreement Form PDF Format

roommate lease agreement form

When leasing a rental premise together with others you need this agreement to set the general rules of the house. Get it today in PDF and make the binding agreement with your roommates.

Roommate Contract Document Template Download

roommate contract document

When sharing a room there need to be rules set on paper on how to share expenses, chores and other important issues like cooking. Use this Word contract template to create the agreement.

Off Campus Roommate Agreement Template PDF Format

off campus roommate agreement template pdf format

Use this simple PDF roommate agreement template to create the agreement with roommates. It clearly indicates the points to agree on and share the utilities and general common house expenses.

Money and Property Matters Roommate Agreement Template

money and property matters roommate agreement template

With this Excel agreement template you can now easily agree on the issues about how to live together and share bills equally. The form is organized to guide you in the process therefore quickly reaching and agreement.

Roommates for House Agreement Document Download

roommates for house agreement document

Use our agreement template to create a legally binding roommate agreement document to govern your living arrangements. Download it in the available Word format and customize the lines that need changing.

Changes for Roommate Agreement Document Template

changes for roommate agreement document

With this professionally designed document you can now create your own roommate change agreement. Download it in Word file format and edit it where necessary. It allows the landlord to manage the rent deposit between the old and new tenant.

Roommate Agreement Worksheet Document Free Download

roommate agreement worksheet document

Use our roommate agreement template to come up with a fitting agreement to govern how you and your roommates live together. Download it in Excel and make any relevant changes you may need.

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