18+ Contract Agreement Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download!

A contract agreement takes place between two parties when the first party looks for a certain service and the second party offers that service provided certain conditions are fulfilled. Both the parties in the contract agree to abide mutually consented terms and conditions documented through the contract agreement.Numerous types of contracts are possible. Most frequently people undergo contract for service, sales, tenancy, and lease etc. You can also visit Subcontract Agreement Template. The agreement should invariably include the name and detail address of the contracting parties, the purpose of the contract, the financial interests of the parties, duration of the contract and other important conditions to be strictly abided by the parties. Sample and example available here are very helpful in writing a legally enforceable contract that will also be purposely, compact and well-structured.  You may also see Agreement Templates.

Rental Agreement Template in Word

rental-agreaement-template-in-word Download

Real Estate Partnership Agreement Template in Pages for Mac

real-estate-partnership-agreement-template-in-pages-for-mac Download

Service Contract Template in Google Docs

service-coantract-template-in-google-docs Download

Business Contract Template in Word

business-contract-template-in-word Download

Sales Contract Template

sales-contract-template Download

Performance Contract Word Template

performance-contract-word-template Download

Artist Management Contract Template in Word

artist-management-contract-template-in-word Download

Consulting Agreement Template in Google Docs

consulting-agreement-template-in-google-docs Download

Employment Contract in iPages

employment-contract-in-ipages Download

Vendor Agreement Template in DOC

vendor-agreement-template-in-doc Download

Sample Contract Agreement Template Free Download

sample contract agreement template

hrcouncil.ca | In order to get into a legally sound contract with a contractor you need our sample contract agreement template. It covers the parties, the terms of contract, the duties of both parties and obligations.

Example Domestic Contract Agreement Template Download

example domestic contract agreement template

photos.state.gov | When employing a domestic staff there should be a contract. With this example you can create your unique agreement to include the hour or days of work, the duration of contract, the payment and duties of the employee.

Example Service Contract Agreement Template

service contract agreement word document

corrington.co.ke | As a contractor, you need a customized service contract to sign with your clients. This sample has been expertly designed to cover the agreement parties, the service to be rendered and the payment terms.

Sample Independent Contract Agreement Template

independent contract agreement

atri.org | As a safeguard to ensure you get quality performance by a contractor, you should make this agreement with the independent contractor. The example includes the contractor names and details, the scope of work and payment terms.

Contract Agreement For Consulting Services

contract agreeement for consulting services

tep.ps | In order to make a consulting service agreement with a contractor, this example template can be used. It is designed by professionals to make it legally sound. Download the template in Word file format.

Example Contractor & Owner Contract Agreement Template

contractor owner contract agreement template

umaec.umich.edu | This sample contract between the owner and contractor is designed professionally to cover both parties. It includes the names of both parties, the scope of work and the payment terms agreed upon.

Sample Program Contract Agreement Template Free Download

program contract agreement template

michigan.gov | This is a sponsorship contract for a program between the sponsor and the recipient. The example template here can help you create the document you want simply by customizing the downloadable Word document.

Example Owner Contract Agreement Template

owner contract agreement word document

tw.gov.nl.ca | In order to be on the same page with a contractor this sample template spells out the layout of the terms. It has the contract parties, the scope of work to be done, the payment terms and obligations of both parties.

Sample Employment Contract Agreement Template

employment contract agreement

lb.mol.go.th | This employment contract is designed expertly making it legally sound. The example template covers the aspects like employment duration, probation period, payment terms and termination clause. It can be edited to change the parts as desired.

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