19+ Employment Agreement Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download

Now that you’ve recruited the few selected people in your organisation, an employment letter or agreement is mandatory to make it official. An employment agreement is a legally binding contract that specifies the various terms of employment such as the employee details, salary, working hours and other information. It is important that both the employer and the employee are on the same page to help strengthen the relationship between the parties. You can also visit Consulting Agreement Template.

You can browse through the various samples and examples available for free to get a better understanding about employment Agreement Templates. Also download the different readymade formats that you can use in your documents.

Employment Agreement Executive Template

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Editable Employee Confidentiality Agreement

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Printable Employee Non-Compete Agreement

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Employment Agreement Amendment Template to Edit

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Post-Employment Information Release Agreement

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Simple Employment Agreement Key Employee Template

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Restrictive Covenants for Employment Agreement

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Work for Hire Agreement Template to Print

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Non Disclosure Agreement Template in iPages

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Settlement Agreement Word Template

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Sample Employment Agreement Template Free Download

  • sample employement agreement template

canterbury.ac.nz | With this sample employment agreement staff can sign a collective employment agreement with the university. It spells out the terms of the agreement like which employees are covered and the equal employment opportunities pledged.

Example Employment Agreement Template Free Download

  • example employement agreement template

multibriefs.com | This sample employment agreement template guide has advice on the merits and demerits of fixed term employment. It is categorized into parts making it an easy to understand and use document.

Standard Employment Agreement Template Download

  • standard employement agreement template

lawofwork.ca | In order to create a legally sound employment agreement document, this sample template is necessary. It includes the terms of employment like compensation, benefits, vacations, performance reviews and terminations clauses.

Sample Faculty Employment Agreement Template Download

  • sample faculty employement agreement template

ndsu.edu | As a college, this example of an employment agreement can help create a simple but legally binding agreement with the staff member. It includes the staff name, the faculty and relevant terms of employment.

Example Employee Agreement Template Free Download

  • exmple employe agreement template

caltrain.com | As an employer this sample employee agreement template can guide you in making a great agreement. it covers the remuneration, conduct, vacations, termination and what work to be done by the employee.

Sample Contract Employment Agreement Template Free Download

  • contract employement agreement 2

provost.umd.edu | With this simple contract agreement sample template, anyone can generate an employment contract. Download it for free in Word format and customize as desired. It covers remuneration, contract type and termination.

Sample Executive Director Employee Agreement Form Template

  • executive director employee agreement form

buskegroup.com | With this example of an employment agreement for executive director you can come up with a unique document. It spells out the position, payment, the terms of the contract and the employment type.

Free Contract of Employee Agreement Download

  • contract of employee agreement document

lomake.fi | This contract of employment sample template is designed to serve any type of employment. It has a layout that covers the employee name, the details, payment terms, employment terms among others.

Sample Individual Employee Employment Agreement Form Template

  • individual employee employement agreement form

nzkgi.org.nz | In order to employ a casual employee, this example of an employment agreement can be of use. It specifies the details of the employee, the employer, the work hours, rest and meal breaks and the place of work.

Example Dental Employee Contract Agreement Free Download

  • dental employee contract agreement

dentalemploymentservices.com | This sample employee contract template is designed by experts to make it legally sound. It includes the permanent referrals and the referral contacts. The document can be downloaded in a customizable Word format.

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