Reviews can be harsh yet helpful in most ways, given this is one way of determining how someone perceives a certain object, action, or individual. Just like feedback or an opinion, reviews are important in fields of science, business, entertainment, and even for personal development. review

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Review Definition & Meaning

A review is a significant assessment of a particular subject or individual.

This would mean the possibility of instituting change if deemed necessary.

What Is a Review?

A review is the ability to provide evaluation or judgment of the quality of a certain subject matter or a simple performance or task. This is common when assessing an article or report, such as a periodical, a book, play, recital, or anything of the like. Reviews are also accounted for in the assessment of a product or service.

10 Types of Reviews

Website Review

Businesses with websites are often trusted by most of their buyers, but their websites must be able to meet customer expectations. A website review offers website owners insights and opinions on how well their websites are performing. A review of this kind is performed by a professional IT personnel or a buyer.


Probation Review

Employees who are new to the company and are on probationary period are subjected to a probation review. This is the process in which the manager assesses an employee’s performance. This type of review, in most cases, are done one-on-one where aside from the assessment, questions are also asked.


Product Review

A product review is a popular form of assessment where buyers or a set of respondents are tasked to write down their evaluation and personal opinion regarding the product. Companies who create and produce products highly consider this kind of evaluation to them improve or establish changes whenever there is a need to.


Service Review

Products are not the only things that need a review as there are a lot of different kinds of service-oriented companies out there. To determine how well the company is doing in terms of the service being provided to customers, a service review is conducted. This way, a company may establish ways to continuously improve the services they are offering to stay on top of its game.


Customer Review

Reviews are highly considered in customer service, which is why companies often entertain such a notion. Information taken from a customer review measures how well a specific company deals with customer-related issues and problems. After careful evaluation, a call of action is initiated.


Business Review

A business review gives full insight into the overall performance, leadership, management, project budget, and strategies that a particular company is engaged in. This review is conducted to ensure the alignment of shared perspectives. With this, business executives can formulate strategies and processes, make sound decisions and perform better. Reviews of this kind are best initiated yearly.


Annual Review

An annual review is an annual performance appraisal of an employee or a review of a system or process initiated by people in authority. The main purpose of this type of review is to gauge the conduct or efficiency of something or someone. Data collected are then analyzed to see if there is a need to improve or make all those necessary changes.


Literature Review

A literature review is a critical analysis of previously published works on a specific topic. This applies if a certain section of a dissertation, a book, or an academic research paper. It may be a simple summary or outline, an interpretation, or an evaluation of its resources.


Sprint Review

Scrum is a software development that is designed to help people, teams, and organizations generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems. With that said, a sprint review is initiated to review completed work and determine whether additional changes are needed. This is essential so that a product’s latest features are evaluated which will pave way for future projects.


Process Review

Following a certain process and procedure is what helps run a company. Whether in accounting, production, research, and development, designing a program, or managing a business, there must be a systematic process that creates structure. Therefore, a process review is essential because this will help determine if the are any problems or issues that need to be addressed.


Review Uses, Purposes, Importance

A lot of companies often ask their users and clients for a review after a service has been performed or an item has been purchased. Reviews offer clarity and first-hand experience which is critical information to any company that strives to offer the best service and products in their respective markets. Nowadays public opinion like reviews is given high importance that can help institute change regarding a certain subject matter.

Insinuate Change

There are two sides when it comes to a review, it’s either the reader takes it seriously or disregards it. Yet reviews in most cases offer useful insights and information especially when one review is quite similar to another. That being said, a review can prompt change, depending on the significance it offers.


For businesses, being open to reviews prompts credibility. Posting reviews on their website helps customers with their buying decisions, as it is human nature to review something before engaging in it. Buyers want to make sure they get their time and money’s worth before they proceed, thus reviews offer that option.

Improve Customer Service

Customer service is essential to companies that deal directly with their clients. If a customer needs help, a company is often judged on the way they react and deals with the situation. Analyzing reviews will help improve customer service by quickly and efficiently resolving the issues that consumers faced, thereby creating a positive experience for the consumer and keeping your focus on their needs.

Identify Underlying Problems

Reviews are also the basis to check if there are problems, issues, or controversies with a product, service, or process. It then allows an individual or company to address these concerns in their work and broaden the scope of research by contributing new ideas and insights. It also allows them to focus on the most important issues and avoid unnecessary duplication of effort.

New Idea or Project

In some cases, new ideas and projects are inspired by reviews since some reviewers are keen to be more objective and comprehensive when leaving an assessment. Since reviews are based on personal experience, they must be taken to account no matter how negative these may be. This must be taken as constructive criticism, a means to inspire creativity and resourcefulness.

What’s in a Review? Parts?

Identification of the Reviewer

Whether this is an informal or formal review, the reviewer’s name must be included in the document. This adds credibility to the review which is essential to the reader.

Subject of Review

Another important feature of a review is the subject or topic of discussion. It is important to identify what the review is initially all about. If the review is regarding a certain individual then it is essential to include their name and other relevant information.

Review Details

Other details include is the date on which the review has been conducted. You can also opt to add the time and place in this document, although not a requirement in all reviews. 


One of the main parts of this document is the assessment section where the reviewer creates a checklist, a table, or is written in an essay format. This portion is based on what the reviewer has seen, heard, felt, and read. 


Another essential part of a review document is the recommendations section where the reviewer may not or is required to give their recommendation, this would depend if the situation calls for it. 


For a more comprehensive review, the reviewer may add their conclusion at the end of the document. This is a summary of what they assessed and evaluated earlier.


How to Design a Review

1. Choose a Review Size

2. Decide on the purpose of the review document

3. Select a Review Template

4. Customize the template and add all the necessary details.

5. Add any graphics, logos, or tables.

6. Finalize and download.


Review Vs Feedback

A review is usually a formal assessment or evaluation which may follow a given structure.

Feedback, on the other hand, does not only consider the personal experience of the buyer but also takes into consideration the company or the individual who is responsible for these items or services.

What’s The Difference Between Review, Analysis, and Audit?

A review is to pass up judgment or assessment regarding a certain material, individual, or process.

An analysis is a more comprehensive examination of the elements or technical structure of a subject.

An audit is a formal and manual inspection of an organization or an individual’s records, especially financial accounts.

Review Sizes

A review document’s size will depend on the length and its purpose. To help you determine the right dimensions, here are the different review sizes that you can choose to work on.


Review Ideas and Examples

Reviews are essential in so many different ways and are designed to aid individuals, companies, and even researchers. To help you prepare this document, we’ve got a list of review ideas and examples you can choose from.

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How do you write a good performance review?

A performance review should neither be too short nor too lengthy and it should be objective, unbiased, and relevant.

How do you structure a work review?

You need to consider several aspects when conducting a job or work review such as the general performance, job responsibilities, setting goals, and year-to-year comparison of tenured employees.

What do you write in a monthly review?

A monthly review or a review done every 30 days is written by taking note of several conditions such as long-term goals, habits, routine, reevaluation of milestones, and setting up guidelines.

What are the 3 elements of a book review?

Whether you are about to review an adult book, student book, or a professional book, you need to take note of the following elements that are essential for a book review which is the book’s outline, how it is written in a creative manner, and the level of interest.

Why You Need Customer Reviews?

Customer reviews are essential in many ways especially if you need to improve a process, product, service, or self-evaluation.

What is an outline review paper?

A review paper’s outline is a summary of its content that features the most important aspects of the paper which will give it reader a rundown of what it is all about; you can make use of a blank outline template to get started.

How to Conduct Your Own Annual Review?

To conduct your annual review you need to take note of the highlights of the year, self-reflection and do a little auditing you can even create a checklist to help you determine what you need to reflect on or a rating sheet to help grade yourself.

How to Execute a Customer Objectives Review?

A customer objectives review is designed to keep an open line of communication with customers to openly discuss ongoing tasks and accomplishments.

How do you describe a sales performance review?

The sales department annually conducts a sales performance review to discuss productivity, performance, goals, post projects, and career development.

What is an internal program review?

This is the process of providing a comprehensive, mediative self-study that focuses on enhancing the quality of academic programs and student learning.