13+ Operating Agreement Templates – Sample, Example, Format Download

An operating agreement template is a perfect document that can be used to list out an organization’s operating terms and protect your legal rights and responsibilities. This document is usually an agreement between members of Limited Liabilities Company (LLC) members, and it also comprises of text detailing the member’s financial and managerial rights and duties.

operating agreement

Operating Agreement Template

operating agreement
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Size: A4, US


You can now draft a formal document that lists a company’s financial and functional decisions by downloading this ready-made operating agreement template in MS Word that is available for download in various file formats. This document is perfect for limited liability companies (LLC) as it includes rules, regulations, and provisions that help administer the internal operations of the business so that it’s appropriate for the business owner’s needs. Be able to customize legally compliant business documents and improve documentation, reports, and policy-making through this versatile template.

Basic Operating Agreement

basic operating agreement template
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Size: A4, US


The above-shown operating agreement template suitably outlines the agreements of the parties who are involved in a business transaction. This template allows you to more effective and productive with your time as it has pre-made content that can be edited and customized according to your terms. Get your job done quickly and easily by downloading this operating agreement template on various editing programs.

Restaurant Operating Agreement Template

restaurant operating agreement
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Size: A4, US


If you are facing a hard time forming your own operating agreement for your restaurant, then do not hesitate to check out our effective and ready-made restaurant operating agreement template in Google Docs template. Designed by legal experts, our document has amazing and useful suggestive content that’s easy to edit on any device in terms of the restaurant’s net loss, expenditures, profits, etc.

What Is an Operating Agreement?

The operating agreement is a vital document used that is mainly used by the limited liability companies (LLCs) to draft the operative and financial decisions of the business. Its main purpose is to administer the internal procedures of the business in such a way that it suits the specific needs of the business owners. Once this particular document is signed by the LLC members, it serves as an official contract obliging them to its terms.

LLC Operating Agreement Template

llc operating agreement
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Size: A4, US


Plan out the necessary definition of the owner and member’s operating duties by making use of our LLC operating agreement template that lets you effectively outline financial and functional decisions. This template has a thoroughly customizable document layout so you can easily use or operate it on your preferred software.

Simple LLC Operating Agreement Template Free Download

simple llc operating agreement template

This sample agreement template is used by two LLC to agree on a working relationship. It spells out the terms of engagement, the scope of association and the responsibilities of each party. It is available for free download.

Example Single Member Agreement Template

example single member agreement template

The contents of an operating agreement are different for different kinds of businesses. Using this document will prevent the business from getting into a lawsuit by protecting its rights under the law. We also have some partnership agreement template that you can take a look at.

Free LLC Operating Agreement Template

llc operating agreement template

Free Download

What is the Importance of an Operating Agreement?

Agreements are important as they help in assuring that all functions will be carried out properly. Similarly, the same applies to an operating agreement as it ensures that your business will not be dictated by the default state rules which may not be profitable for it. Even the sole owners of an LLC need an operating agreement to have their limited liability status protected. Moreover, holding an operating agreement will tailor the needs of your business by also protecting your personal finances.

Important features of an Operating Agreement are as follows

1. Rules and Regulations of the Business

The operating agreement sets out the rules and regulations that are required in order to manage the business. The rules talk as to how the business will be managed and what are the likely penalties to be faced in case of any violations. The policies that should be agreed on by both parties are also stated in the agreement.

2. Distribution of Profits and Losses

The operating agreement asserts the distribution of profits and losses by both the parties. No matter what the profit or loss may be, there has to be an equal split. In some cases, what the parties get depends on their agreement as one often gets less than the other. You may also see operating agreement templates.

3. Transfer of Business

The rights of both the parties should be protected in case of any event, wherein the business gets sold to others and gets closed due to unforeseen circumstances. The money gained while the business was at its peak shall be divided between those involved. You may also check out general partnership agreements.

4. Percentage of Ownership

The operating agreement must also state how much one party owns in the business in terms of the shares in stocks. Be clear in defining the ownership as it is really crucial particularly if a lawsuit occurs when things go amiss. You may also see business agreement templates.

5. Rights and Responsibilities

State how the business should handle both its rights and responsibilities. The responsibility should deal with the balancing of profit-making activities that will benefit society as well as their social responsibility. The rights of the business should include a supply of goods from suppliers and accuracy in the presentation of the supplies to be purchased. You may also see sample consulting agreement templates.

Example Company Operating Agreement Template

company operating agreement

With this example operating agreement sample, you will get an idea as to how you can design your unique company document. It clearly spells out the activities of the company and how it will be governed. Download it for free today.

Free Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement Template

limited liability company operating agreement

This document is the basis for a company. The example shows how the company is to be governed, the composition, activities and the rules. It is available for free from our site.

Free Network Operating Agreement Template

network operating agreement

In order to deliver network services to a customer, this network operating agreement is necessary. This sample is created to help you come up with a unique legally sound agreement.

Example-A & R LLC Operating Agreement Template Download

a r llc operating agreement

This above-shown template shows an operating agreement of an LLC that can be used by anyone to create their own document so that it is legally sound without having the need for an attorney.

Sample Partnership &co Operating Agreement Template Download

partnership co operating agreement

This sample partnership and cooperating agreement is designed to allow for companies to partner and also to cooperate with specific states they are located in. Download it here free of charge.

Free Multimember Operating Agreement Template Download

multimeber operating agreement

A company with many members need this specially designed multimember operating agreement template. Get hold of this example template now to help in creating a legal document that can stand in court. It is available in Word format.

Simple Operating Agreement Amendment Template Download

operating agreement amendment

The document also spells out specifics of each member or manager’s rights, powers, and entitlements. You can also visit the confidentiality agreement template.

By downloading our finest quality agreement templates that comprise of samples and examples, you can easily edit their contents in order to generate your own operating agreement.