411+ Agreement Templates – Word, PDF, Pages

The sample agreement templates that we have to offer our patrons are well crafted, available in multiple formats and can be easily customised. From sales agreement samples, to vendors agreement templates, consignment agreement templates and so on, all types of agreement templates are available at the user’s disposal.

agreement templates

The example templates can be quickly downloaded and can be printed or emailed. These professionally drafted and ready to use templates are available in appropriate legal formats.

Agreement Between Two Parties for Money Template

agreement between two parties for money
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Size: A4, US


Agreement Between Owner and Contractor Template

agreement between owner and contractor template
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Size: A4, US


Rental Agreement Template

rental agreement template
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Size: A4, US


Non Disclosure Agreement Template

non disclosure agreement template
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Size: A4, US


Buy Sell Agreement Template

buy sell agreement template
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Commission Agreement Template

commission agreement template
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Board Resolution Authorizing The President To Renew Employment Agreement

board resolution authorizing the president to renew employment agreement template
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Size: A4, US


Business Investment Agreement Template

business investment agreement template
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Non Disclosure Agreement Template

non disclosure agreement template
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Franchise Agreement Template

franchise agreement template
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> Non Disclosure Agreement

Contractor Non Disclousure Agreement Form
Free Downloadable Non Compete Agreement
Non Disclosure Agreement

Certain organisations prefer to maintain a non disclosure agreement with their employees to safeguard the interests of the firm. Our sample non disclosure agreement templates are ideal for such firms. These example templates have space for the user to add the name of the company, name of the employee whom the contract is being drawn up with and other important information. [10+ Non Disclosure Agreement]

> Lease Agreement Template

Real Estate Lease Agreement
Renatal Lease Agreement
Sample Commercial Lease Agreement

The sample lease agreements that we have to offer our patrons include commercial lease agreements, residential lease agreements, car lease agreements and several other types of lease agreements. These example templates can be easily edited to add the names, addresses and contact information of both the person leasing out the unit and the person taking the lease. [10+Lease Agreement Template]

> Rental Agreement Template

Roommate Contract Document
Roommates for House Agreement Document
Sample Download Roommate Agreement Template

Our wide range of sample rental agreement templates are ideal for car rents, home rents, office rents and several others. The example templates allow the user to add details and information such as address, contact number and other details about the person renting and the person taking the unit on rent. [15+ Rental Agreement Template]

> Loan Agreement Template

business loan agreement
Equipment Loan Agreement Template
Student Loan Agreement Template

Giving a loan to a business associate? Our sample loan agreement templates may be of great use to you. The example templates have space for you to add the terms of the loans, interest details, date on which the loan is returnable and other vital and important information and details. [10+ Loan Agreement Template]

> Purchase Agreement Template

purchase contract agreement
Sample Purchase and Sale Agreement

Real estate agents and brokers constantly require purchase agreements that are signed by their clients when they purchase a property. Our sample purchase agreement templates are ideal for this purpose. These example templates are professionally crafted, ready to use and have an appropriate legal format to them. They can also be easily edited and downloaded. [10+ Purchase Agreement Template]

> Non Compete Agreement

Contractor Non Disclousure Agreement Form
Free Downloadable Non Compete Agreement
Non Disclosure Agreement

To ensure that employees don’t directly or indirectly compete with the company, many organisations sign a non compete agreement with the employees. Our sample range of non compete agreements are ideal for this purpose. These example templates have space for the user to add the terms of the agreement, contact details of both the parties involved and other important information. [10+ Non Compete Agreement Template]

> Partnership Agreement Template

Landlord Partnership Agreement1
real estate partnership agreement1
Sample Farm Partnership Agreement Template

Partnership Agreements are an essential element before venturing into a joint venture. So, the agreement must be generated in a manner that contains clear information about the constitution of income, contribution of capital by each partner and all terms and conditions. Planning a proper agreement in advance eliminates the situation of disputes or involving in costly legal battles in future. [10+ Partnership Agreement Template]

> Operating Agreement Template

Example Single Member Agreement Template
Joint Operating Agreement
LLC Operating Agreement Template

Get our template sample downloaded for free where you will get proper info about each possible contingency included in limited liability company (LLC) operating agreement. Or template structure make sure that it does not overlook anything critical like formation date, legal office, members details, purpose or operations of LLC and more. [11+ Operating Agreement Template]

> Consulting Agreement Template

Free Consulting Agreement Template
Free Consulting Contract Agreement Template
Sample Construction Consulting Agreement

Save our pintable template format and download them for absolutely no cost to get the detailed information about consulting Agreement, contractor’s agreement, employee handbook and other documents that are relevant for your business. The template samples also consists of the confidential information that consultant must have in tangible form. [12+ Consulting Agreement Template]

> Service Agreement Template

Computer and Network Systems Service Level Agreement
Professional Services Agreement
Service Level Agreement for IT Services

The most relevant agreement for professional, marketing and testing services is quite crucial for sellers as well as buyers. To get a thorough knowledge of how and when to use this agreement, download the properly designed service agreement template. [12+ Service Agreement Template]

> Sublease Agreement Template

Commercial Real Estate Sublease Agreement
Landlord Sublease Agreement Template
Residential Sublease Agreement Template

The designed template is more of a guide that assists with step-by-step interview process to create a sound Sublease Agreement. Not only the details of Tenant, Subtenant, premise, date of possession/ vacation, cost is included but the mode of payment, security deposit, wear n tear to premise details will be comprised in the format. [10+ Sublease Agreement Template]

> Hold Harmless Agreement Template

Example Hold Harmless Agreement
Example Release Hold Harmless Agreement
Indemnity and Hold Harmless

Download the properly designed template and save in any format of Word, PDF or excel to protect yourself and fight back from unanticipated legal claims. Our template guides with kinds of protection that can be covered, bid forms, required info, real estate documents and validity for a Hold Harmless release Agreement. [10+ Hold Harmless Agreement Template]

> Payment Agreement Template

Example Fee Payment Agreement Template
Free Payment Agreement Between Owner & Contractor
Sample Payment Plan Agreement Template

Know each and everything about loan payment and installment Agreement and how to use them downloading the printable template samples. The intellectually designed form outlines the important terms and conditions, payment periods, rate of interest info critical to the agreement. [10+ Payment Agreement Template]

> Roommate Agreement Template

Changes for Roommate Agreement Document
Money and Property Matters Roommate Agreement
Roommates for House Agreement Document

This wisely created template would probably be the best document to get everything in writing and keeping it civil. The aesthetically formed template comprises of info for all legal forms, notices, tenant repair demand, landlord grievances in a Roommate Agreement. [12+ Roommate Agreement Template]

> Employment Agreement Template

Executive Director Employee Agreement Form
Sample Employement Agreement Template
Sample Faculty Employement Agreement Template

Try printable samples and charts for Excel, PDF, and Word for one of the most significant business document that enables to intensify your terms with your employees in a civil manner. Get mutual approval for wages, benefits, work hours, leaves and what’s confidential in a written form of Job Contract to get rid away with legal issues. [10+ Employment Agreement Template]

> Separation Agreement Template

Sample Party Separtion Agreement Template
Sample Voluntary Separation Agreement
Separation Agreement Priliminary Statement

Try our step-to-step assisted template for knowing and using all the clauses, terms and conditions of legal marriage separation. You will get in-depth knowledge about how to use the legal dissolution marriage agreement and what to claim in lieu of it. [10+ Separation Agreement Template]

> Sales Agreement Template

Real Estate Purchase & Sale Agreement Document
Sample Conditional Sales Agreement Temptae
Sample Sales Agreement & Guarantee

It is of utmost importance that one designs a sales agreement is details as plenty of legal concerns may arise at a later stage. The after sales service issues are a key aspect in this regard. One can look to download our sales agreement templates for free and have in place a proper legal document that takes care of your interests. [10+ Sales Agreement Template]

> Contractor Agreement Template

Independent Contractor Agreement Document
On-Call General Contractor Agreement
Owner Contractor Agreement Document

A contractor agreement needs to be prepared in detail. You can be responsible if the clients concerns have been handled by the contractor, who has been assigned the job. Hence, one can download our contractor agreement template for free and have proper documents, which can save you from legal hassles at a later stage. [10+ Contract Agreement Template]

> Custody Agreement Template

Example Summary Custody Agreement Template
Free Single Parent Custody Agreement Template
Sample Custody Agreement Templte

It is essential that one prepares a custody agreement in complete details. Taking custody of a child during divorcee cases has its complications. Child support, visitation issues and health concerns are indeed complicating. Therefore one can download our custody agreement template for free and prepare a strong ground for your legal defense in case of complications at a later stage. [10+ Custody Agreement Template]

> Buy Sell Agreement Template

Buy-Sell Agreemement Document
Buy & Sell Contract Agreement Document
Free Download Buy Sell Agreement Template

Anyone buying or selling goods must prepare the buy or sell agreement in details. Quite often as buyers or even sellers one feels plenty of worries crop up at a later stage. Hence, to avoid those hassles and prepare the perfect legal document, one can look to download our buy sell agreement template for free. It helps one to carefully avoid the after sale concerns. [12+ Buy Sell Agreement Template]

> Prenuptial Agreement Template

Free Prenupital Agreement Template
Free Questionnaire Prenuptial Agreement Template
The Power of Prenuptial Agreements Document

Limit your financial and legal hassles post marriage by having a prenuptial agreement in place. Property and debt concerns are always a worry ahead of marriage and only a strong and detailed prenuptial agreement can offer an insight into one’s partner financial health. Look to download our prenuptial agreement template for free and get an idea of the partner financial health. [10+ Prenuptial Agreement Template]

> Joint Venture Agreement Template

Example Join Venture Agreement Template
Free Donwload Joint Venture Agreement
Sample Join Venture Agreement Template

A majority of joint ventures or any form of partnership business lead to complications at some stage. Hence, to safeguard individual interests, one must look to have strong legal documents ready. Preparing a joint venture agreement requires professional expertise. Hence, one can download our joint venture agreement template for free and have strong legal documents just in case there are complications later on. [10+ Joint Venture Agreement Template]

> Settlement Agreement Template

Divorce Settlement Agreement Template
Global Settlement Agreement Template
Release Settlement Agreement Template

A settlement agreement is of utmost important to both employees and employers. These agreements prevent any legal hassles from arising at a later stage. Preparing such a document is a tough ask and it is virtually for this purpose that one can browse into our website and download the settlement agreement template for free. We have prepared a strong legal document, which just leaves virtually no scope for worries later on. [10+ Settlement Agreement Template]

> Subcontractor Agreement Template

Free Subcontract Agreement Template
Residential Subcontractor Agreement Document
Sample Model Subcontract Agreement

Outsourcing work to subcontractors without an agreement in place always risky as it leaves the subcontractor with no legal binding. Unsatisfied customers can always file legal suits and claim damage. It is to safeguard from such a scenario one must look to have subcontractor agreements in place. For those of you who do not know how to proceed, download our extensively prepared subcontractor agreement template for free and have a perfect, strong legal defense in place. [10+ Subcontractor Agreement Template]

> License Agreement Template

Example License Agreement Template
Sample Patent License Agreement Template
Sample Software Licencec Agreement Template

The license holder of intellectual property can earn money by allowing others to use the product. However, to make sure that there are no complications at a later stage, one must look to download our license agreement template for free. While drafting agreements you may miss out on vital points and that is just where we step in and offer an agreement, which should protect your legal interests. [12+ License Agreement Template]

> Shareholder Agreement Template

Company's Shareholder Agreement Template
Example Shareholder Agreement Template
Free Sample Shareholder Agreement Template

A shareholder agreement needs to be established, when one feels that as a shareholder, the interests need to be protected. Someone who is thinking on these lines can choose from our extensive shareholder agreement templates, which have been professionally prepared. One can download the most suitable one for free and have the perfect legal documents, which should protect the rights as a shareholder of a company. [10+ Shareholder Agreement Template]

> Partnership Agreement Template

Landlord Partnership Agreement1
real estate partnership agreement1
Sample Farm Partnership Agreement Template

Partnership agreement is the foundation of all partnership business. It defines your business interest and responsibilities clearly and establishes those matters legally. You and your business partners can put all important components including legally viable protective clauses in writing. Use sample and example depicted here for creating the most purposeful partnership agreement for running the business successfully. [10+ Partnership Agreement Template]

> Consignment Agreement Template

Auto Dealer Consignment Agreement
Consignment Store Insurance
Free Double Check Farm Agreement Template

Consignment agreement involves two parties, viz. consignor and consignee where the consignor owns right and title of the items in consignment and consignee is willing to get the possession of the items with an intention to sale them in the market. Sample and example available here show how to write legally correct consignment agreement to avoid future complicacies. [10+ Consignment Agreement Template]

> Memorandum of Agreement Template

Memorandum of Agreement Jointly Awarded Phd Degree
Memorandum of Understanding Agreement Template
Sample Memorandum Agreement Template

A memorandum of agreement is a type of agreement that is created to document the mutual and legally viable understanding between two parties or sometimes more than two parties when they have any common interest on a project. It depicts the obligations and responsibilities of the parties to avoid any misunderstanding in the future. Sample and example as shown here can be used as guidance to write a memorandum of agreement that would be perfect from every aspect. [10+ Memorandum of Agreement Template]

> Contract Agreement Template

Example Domestic Contract Agreement Template
Owner Contract Agreement Word Document
Sample Contract Agreement Template

A contract agreement is a written document signed by two parties one of which may be a corporate house to undergo a legal contract concerning sales, supplies, rent, employment and many other matters. Sample and example available here can be used to write lawful and constructive agreement to protect the right and also to clarify the obligations of both the parties in the contract. [10+ Contract Agreement Template]

> Consultant Agreement Template

Consultant Consulting greement
Consulting And Retainer Agreement Template
Social Media Consultant Agreement Template

Consultant agreement is very much necessary when a business house or an individual engages a consultant or consultant firm for the betterment of a job or process as a whole. It binds both the parties, especially the consultant, with certain terms and conditions that are legally enforceable. The sample or example shown here can be used as the best professional guidance to write a consultant agreement. [10+ Consultant Agreement Template]

> Commission Agreement Template

Agent Commission Agreement Template
Sales Agency Commission Agreement Template
Sales Representative Commission Agreement Template

When a person or a company is bound to make payments to another person or company on a commission basis, then this document is used. We use this agreement to map the relationships between business partners.
Commission Agreement has a fixed and renewable duration. Download our Commission Agreement templates to nominate a consultant on fixed amounts and payment terms of commission. You have an option to choose between a variety of samples and examples which include all relevant details like Global:-for example valuation, Standard:-for example performance of a product, Individual:-for example payment terms, terms of notice, etc. [12+ Commission Agreement Template]

Legal Approval Agreement Template
Residential Legal Agreement
Sponserd Research Legal Agreeement

Legal Agreement is a mutual agreement between two or more persons about the legal rights and responsibilities of a particular action of certain past or future facts or performances. It must have some sorts of consideration, which involves one party giving something for example a product or service, and in return the second party gives some form of monetary compensation.Feel free to download our samples and examples, which are presented in a proper format and design. Fill the details like Conditions of the contract, Performance, Payment terms, Liabilities, etc. [10+ Legal Agreement Template]

> Vendor Agreement Template

Master Service Agreement Template
Project Vendor Contract Agreement
Sample Vendor Agreement Template

It is a legal agreement which states the conditions of the work, which is to be performed by a contractor. A vender must have a Statement Of work (SOW) along with it. There are certain essentials without the presence of which the vender agreement will not be valid for example the signatures of customer and the vender.

Download our samples and examples to get various ideas about relevant agreement. If you want you can edit them and fill the details like date, time, location, etc. Do not forget to keep a copy signed by the customer and the vender. [10+ Vendor Agreement Template]

> Divorce Agreement Template

Child Custody Divorce Agreement Template
Decree of Divorce Agreement Template
Divorce Agreement Form Template

A divorce agreement is an agreement, which defines the right and responsibilities of the divorcing couples. For example the sample must include responsibilities of property, the allowance to be paid, child support, custody, etc. The agreement must be a written one, which should be signed by the parties, and the court should accept it.

Our samples and examples will definitely help you up to deal with this agreement efficiently. You can also modify and edit them as your choice to create your own Divorce agreement. [10+ Divorce Agreement Template]

> Investment Agreement Template

Free Investment Agreement Template
Investment Management Certificate
Sample Investment Advisory Agreement Template

It is an agreement between an investor and a company for the sale of shares of the company to the investors for a specific amount of money. For example International Investment Agreement (IIA) is an agreement between countries, which include issues related to investments for the purpose of Protection, Promotion and Liberalization.

You can download our samples and examples absolutely at free of cost and can fill various investment details. Our sample contains a definition section to make sure that the parties understand the terms and conditions of the agreement. [10+ Investment Agreement Template]

> Distribution Agreement Template

Free Software Distribution Agreement Template
Product Distribution Agreement Template
Sample International Distributor Agreement Template

It is a document based on contract between a supplier and distributer, which specifies the requirements and terms of marketing of a product or an item.Use our samples and examples of exclusive customizable distribution agreement forms that are available in various formats and designs. And fill up the various details of supplier and the distributers like Time for which the contract is effective, Terms and conditions of supply, Regions covered by the agreement, etc. [10+ Distribution Agreement Template]

> Sponsorship Agreement Template

Official Corporate Sponsorship Agreement
Sample Cultural Sponsorship Agreement Template
Sample Sponsorship Agreement Template

It governs the legal relationship between a sponsor and the person who obey the Sponsorship obligation. The person can be an individual, a company or an owner of a location.Just download our free samples and examples which are designed perfectly and get ideas on necessary topics. Do not forget to fill the details like Definition of benefits to the sponsor, Payments due under the agreement, Rights of each party and termination clauses, etc. [15+ Sponsorship Agreement Template]

> Franchise Agreement Template

Free Franchise Agreement Template
Free Sample Franchise Agreement Template
Scholarship Pageant Franchise Agreement

A franchise agreement is one in which one party grants another party the right to set up and run a similar business for a fee and some share of the generated income. It specifies the obligations and conditions of the franchisor as well as the franchisee. The agreement is signed when an individual has made a conformed decision to buy a franchisee.If you are interested then feel free to download our samples and examples which are present in a designed format. It includes all the relevant details which you can fill up, but do not forget to consult with a professional franchisee attorney. [15+ Franchise Agreement Template]

> HR Agreement Template

Employement HR Agreement Template
HR Confedential Agreement Template
Service Level HR Agreement Template

It is the policies of an organization in recruitment, promotion, training and managing its people. HR policies include certain responsibilities which are as follows:-

  • Relationship between Employee-labour
  • Diversity in workplace
  • Health, Security and safety
  • Employment
  • Training and development

Our samples will help you up to know about the agreement. HR agreement policies cost money, which causes to increase in the prise of the product. You can also download our samples and examples and consult us, but do not forget to take care about the necessary details and formats of such documents. [10+ HR Agreement Template]

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