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Most SWOT analyses are made in chart format since it is easy to present and understand. Creating a SWOT analysis has been manageable with a SWOT analysis chart template. A SWOT analysis is created after analyzing the factors and at the same time, you creatively design the SWOT analysis based on your liking.

Sample SWOT Analysis Bubble Chart

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A bubble chart is an application that allows the use of various bubbles to represent ideas and concepts in an orderly fashion. With regards to SWOT analysis work, bubble chart is the most creative format that can be used to attract members. You can add how many bubbles and apply different colors to emphasize how they differ to one another. In here, samples are offered which can be your reference to come up with a SWOT analysis samples for whatever purpose that it is intended for.

Create a SWOT Analysis in 5 Steps

Step 1: Build an Objective

There are many SWOT analysis in PowerPoint, that might be helpful to you while creating a SWOT analysis. The first thing you need is to have an objective in mind because it explains why you are making this analysis and what do you want to find out. A title should be present in this so that it gives a gist of what you want to convey.

Step 2: Design a Square Grid

Design a grid that is in the shape of a square and divide it into 4 equal propositions. This would make your sheet look legible and neat. You can take the help of marketing SWOT analysis templates in case you are creating an analysis of your marketing department. This would help you understand what is it that is exactly you need to increase the growth of your company.

Step 3: Label Each Box

Once you have divided them into equal portions, label each box. These four boxes should be labeled as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Know which are internal factors and which are external factors. You can use different SWOT analysis examples to keep a check on the graph of your business and also, to keep a check on all your employees.

Step 4: Add Your SWOTs

Once you label each box, add the content in them accordingly. Add the appropriate details in each box, bulleting them, so that it looks neat and readable. Be creative and use different ideas, methods, and colors to make them look different from one another. Try and analyze each of them perfectly.

Step 5: Final Conclusion

This is an essential step in your analysis. Once you are done making points in each box, write a final conclusion, that is, what you have understood from the analysis and what are you going to do to bring a change about it in the workplace. Write down what the negative and positive outcomes are, whether or not you have reached your target goal, etc.

Example SWOT Analysis Pie Chart Template

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SWOT analysis pie chart is a type of presentation common to view SWOT Analysis templates in a readable way. If you want to impress your audience, place your SWOT analysis in pie chart and apply designs to make it powerful aside from the information you will discuss in front of many people. This is useful for business presentations.

Excel SWOT Analysis Chart Template

An excel format for SWOT Analysis Templates can be applicable aside from the charts and another form of presentations. SWOT analysis chart can be placed in an Excel application where you can manage it very well and fast. Having a SWOT analysis is proven effective and important not only for any business but for individuals also. Employee SWOT analysis templates help you keep a check on your employees so that you can know where to bring about change in the work environment to not have any negative outcomes in the future.

Sample SWOT Analysis Flow Chart

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Blank SWOT analysis provides enough space and allows you to customize whatever details you will put. You choose what layout and format are best for your needs and try to look on the template site to give you great samples appropriate for what you’re looking for. Download the blank SWOT analysis for free and let this site help you to produce in just one seating.

Target Readers and Users

The target readers and users are people who need to create a SWOT analysis for their business or even to use it for themselves. Imagine if you have a SWOT analysis tool, you can plan what’s best when it is designed for growth and development ideal to oneself and work. The blank SWOT analysis is right for you to place the ideas and insights, rather than a piece of paper.

Benefits and Advantages

When you already have a SWOT analysis, it is best to present it in a chart format, especially for business when you want to show it to the management and your colleagues. The charts are easy to be understood but most of the time people think of it as an effort making and too much time is needed. But with the latest creation of the template, it makes it an easy and fun thing to do.

You can create a SWOT analysis on your own as long as you know the process involved. You can have the samples and examples in the template site which serve as a guide for you. It will also help you minimize the time and effort required by employing a ready-made blank SWOT analysis sheet.

Points to Remember

SWOT analysis is a decision-making tool that makes you aware of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that are present before you have to visualize a plan for execution. A personal SWOT analysis can be used by anyone who wants to know things about themselves personally. This way, they can self-check themselves to make oneself a better person.

To give you an idea of how to make a SWOT analysis quickly, you need to equip yourself with the information regarding SWOT analysis. There are free downloadable samples and examples online. These will help you and at the same time, you can try to come up with a new one creatively.

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