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In the age of high technological advancement and rise of industries, environmental concerns and issues are definitely left out. We all know that we only have one earth to live and not all of our resources are renewable.

With the glaring manifestations of climate change and global warming, are you one of those people who advocate to save the environment? Thank your lucky stars because you are in the right page. As you know, we also put much value on the environment. With that, we’ve provided you brochure designs about recycling, which plays a vital role in helping conserve and preserve our natural resources.You may also see Brochure Templates.

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Recycling Tri-Fold Brochure Template

recycling tri fold brochure template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: A4, US


Recycling Bi-Fold Brochure Template

recycling bi fold brochure template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: A4, US


For other, more specific brochure designs, check out our website’s collection of print brochures, perfect for whichever purpose you have in mind.

Recycling Company Brochure

recycling company brochure Download

Recycling Information Brochure

recycling information brochure Download

Recycling Program Brochure Template

recycling program brochure template Download

Electronic Recycling Brochure Template

electronic recycling brochure template Download

A Variety of Recycling Brochure Designs

Recycling may be an easy concept to understand, but not all people understand them by heart. In line with this, it is your job in designing a recycling brochure for your organization to give more life and relevance to the recycling.

To help you with that, here are some of our featured templates:

  • Recycling Company Brochure
  • Recycling Information Brochure
  • Recycling Program Brochure
  • Electronic Recycling Brochure
  • Green Recycling Brochure
  • Recycling Paper Brochure
  • Recycling Tri Fold Brochure
  • Environmental Brochure

Our templates will help you start up your brochure designs. The designs are well researched to gear you up in spreading the relevance of recycling for both the present and future generations.

It will also give you the option to choose a design that will give a positive image of your company or institution. As we all know, recycling by its nature and usage is already positive. But to magnify its significance, the readers will need contextual information and figures with matching designs to emphasize it more.

Do you want to add as much information as you can without overwhelming readers? Check out our collection of Tri Fold Brochures, which you could download and utilize to every endeavor you have.

Green Recycling Brochure Template

green recycling brochure template Download

Recycling Paper Brochure

recycling paper brochure template Download

Recycling Tri Fold Brochure

recycling trifold brochure Download

Go Green through Recycling

Recycling is one way of waste management. With the growing population in every country, waste regulation, control, and management is very important. Nobody wants to live in a world with a lot of garbage or even places that smell like trash. Indeed, the method is important in putting to good use nonbiodegradable items like bottles, tin cans, or all kinds of plastics.

As you see, most of our designs adopt a green color scheme. It is a color that represents nature and its abundance. In selecting a brochure design, make sure that the good will of your company or institution will be emphasized. It is important because it has an effect on people, and the idea of instilling recycling as a habit will eventually trickle down. Here we offer some tips in selecting a recycling design template:

  • Choose a design that will embody your organization’s advocacy ad ideals—be it simple, elegant, artistic, or Bi Fold Brochures.
  • Don’t use exaggerated designs in a way that would overpower the message of recycling
  • Research, research, research. Always research on statistics and current environmental issues and situations that will embody the pros and cons of recycling.

These are just some hints that you can use. Our templates are here to help you save time and energy. So feel free to download and use them.

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