Bi Fold Brochure Templates – 47+ Free PSD, AI, Vector EPS Format Download

As a graphic designer, who is deeply involved in his/her profession; one will have noticed that there have been drastic changes in the advertisement plans of a business house. The television or newspaper advertisements are still there, but the costs associated with them are alarming.

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Bi-Fold Business Brochure Design

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Bi-Fold Business Corporate Brochure

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Multipurpose Business Bi-fold Brochure Template

multipurpose business bi fold brochure template Buy Now In fact, a small business venture willing to reach out to customers dare not think of television or newspaper advertisement mediums. It is precisely to tackle such a scenario that the concept of Bi Fold Brochure templates has seen the light of the day. In short experts have described it cheap but effective advertising. It should cater to smaller business houses, where revenues are lower.

The designs on the brochure are important:

One should note that the material is printable bi fold brochure templates as it is distributed amongst potential customers at roadside gatherings. This is exactly where as a graphic designer that one has an important role to play. It is essential to note that plenty of business houses have thought on these lines. However, it is only something perfectly designed, which will attract customer attention. Therefore, the role of a graphic designer is of utmost importance here. As a graphic designer, one needs to come up with an end product, which is sure to attract attention of people.

Bi Fold Abstract Brochure Template

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Business Consulting Bi fold Brochure Template in PSD

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A4 Business Half Fold Brochure Template

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Jewellery Bi Fold Brochure Template

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Creative Music Bi-fold Brochure Design Template

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Company Profile Bi Fold Brochure

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Printable Bi Fold Interior Brochure

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Diabetes Bi Fold Brochure Template

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Summer Kids Camp Bi Fold Brochure in PSD

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Construction Bi Fold Brochure

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Bifold Brochure Template

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Corporate Bifold Brochure Template

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Professional Bi Fold Brochure Template Download

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Real Estate Bi Fold Brochure Template PSD Download

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Colroful Bi-Fold Business Brochure Design

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Standard Bi Fold Brochure Template PSD Download

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School Education Bi-Fold Brochure Template EPS Download

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Bi Fold Brochure Template Free Download

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Free Bi Fold Brochure for Download

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Modern Bi Fold Template for Download

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Agency Bi Fold Template Illustrator Download

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Blue and black Brochure Free Vector Download

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Vector Bi Fold Brochure Template Design

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Colorful Bifold Brochure Template for Download

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Medical Bi Fold Brochure Template Download

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Abstract Bi Fold Brochure Template

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Corporate Bi Fold Brochure Template

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Shiny Brochure Design Free Vector

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Designed Bi Fold Brochure Template Download

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Elementary School Education Bi-Fold Template

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Low Poly Style Business Bi-Fold Brochure Design

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EMS Bi Fold Brochure Template

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Promotional Bi Fold Brochure Ready to Download

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Multipurpose Bi Fold Brochure Template

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Designed Corporate Bi Fold Template Download

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Eye Catching Bi Fold Brochure Template

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Dark Style Business Bi-Fold Brochure Design

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Universal Bi Fold Brochure Illustrator Download

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Creative Bi Fold Brochure Template

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Easy to Edit Corporate Bi Fold Brochure Template

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Floorglass Bi Fold Template Download

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Business Designed Bi Fold Brochure Template PSD Download

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Square Bi Fold Brochure Template Illustrator Download

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Breede Bi Fold Brochure Template

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Special Bi Fold Brochure Template

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What type of business is it?

Now, before getting down to the aspect of designing bio fold brochure templates, one must first get to know the clients business in details. For example, if it is an advertising company, it is essential to highlight the company name and contact details. On the contrary someone may prefer to highlight the logo in a better way. Speak to the client and have a clear idea of his precise needs. It will help to plan the job perfectly.

Never go overboard on designs:

A common mistake which many a graphic design professional makes is to go overboard on designs. The situation is bad and in such instances the readability of the particular brochure will certainly take a hit and the purpose of advertisement will not be accomplished. Hence, there is a need to strike a balance and focus on designing where it is also easy to read the content printed on the brochure. To promote readability, it is essential that as a graphic designer, one focuses on the fonts. The key will be to stick to precise and clear fonts. It then becomes easy to read the content on them.

Some key issues a designer needs to focus on:

As a graphic designer, one must be raring to come up with highly catchy designs. However, just to be different and create an impact, one certainly needs to take into consideration a few key aspects. Let us discuss those specific points in brief.

  • A clutter formation of brochures is disturbing. One should note that these are distributed in busy road side junctions where people may have other important agenda. Some clutter on the brochure can really be disturbing and hence one needs to avoid it.
  • These brochures are generally for business purposes and as a graphic designer; one should not forget to include business information. The company name and contact details are a must.
  • Keep critical information away from edges as they may be cut off during the printing process.
  • Choose the paper for the designs with care. A thick paper will portray the work better.
  • Use all the latest technology on offer these days. The concept of 3D Art can certainly boost up the designs in a significant manner.
  • Use the colour strategically and make sure that it looks pleasing to the eye.

Pay attention to the fonts in details:

Most graphic design experts have stressed on the necessity to pay attention to the fonts in details. One should note that it is necessary to bring the graphic design work on the bio fold brochure templates to the forefront and as a professional; one can certainly achieve the objective by clever use of fonts. However, while using fonts, one needs to identify requirements and then take the plunge. Does one need to create an impact? If so, then extensive use of bold and darker fonts should be the solution. This is a colour, which symbolizes power. If a client desires to offer a mix of simplicity and classy touch then Garamond fonts will serve the purpose. The Rockwell fonts present a perfect balanced picture of proceedings. Hence, as a graphic designer of bio fold brochure templates, one must discuss it with the client and then look to work accordingly. One also runs into fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman. These are shown to create the boredom factor within readers. Hence, that should be avoided at all costs.

The color combination on bio fold brochure templates is important:

As a bio fold brochure template graphic designer the key will be to create a wow factor to the design work and for that to materialize, one must get the color combination right. The printing work and the general background colour should match perfectly so that the end product is perfect.

Use graphical templates if necessary:

Graphical templates present a wonderful option for designers, who intend to portray the best of their work ability. A Google browse should lead to plenty of quality work in this regard. One will however have to be careful and try to stick to some of the popular designs.

Be at your creative best:

These are some of the ways as to how you can bring about a noticeable change to a bio fold brochure template. However, as a designer one should realize that we are there to offer you advice. It is up to you to put on the thinking cap and come out with an end product, which can create a stunning impact. These brochures templates tell a lot about a business venture and identity. As a designer one should look to put forward the best foot and create something, which should stand out in the crowd.