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2+ Congratulations on Retirement Letter – PDF

In just about every company, there will come a time when an employee will have to retire. Whether the reason is due to old age, an injury, or just about anything that could prevent the employee from working, it’s important that the employer learns about the employee’s plan to retire before anything else may happen.

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Once things have been settled and the employee’s retirement has been made official, there might be some who wish to congratulate that person for a job well done. And this is where one would want to make a letter of retirement that’s aimed specifically to congratulate the retiree and this article is going to teach you how to make one:

Congratulations Retirement Letter Sample

Congratulations Retirement Letter to Employee

The Information that Should be in the Congratulations Retirement Letter

When you know that someone in the workplace is about to leave for good, and that you’re particularly close with the person, then you’d want to send him or her a letter which shows just how much your gratitude for the years of service. Although you don’t exactly have to create the letter, there’s always that sentimental value that will make the receiver feel more special. You may also see sample retirement letter to clients.

So if you plan on making such a letter, then here are the pieces of information that it’s going to need:

1. The Basic Information of the Sender

If you plan on having this sent to an employee that’s retiring, then you’ll want that person to know who he or she is receiving it from. You’ll want to make sure that the employee knows who it’s from so that he or she may properly thank you and to let that person know who cares enough to actually create such a letter. So what you’ll have to write down is your complete name, your address, and your contact details (phone number, home number, email address, etc.). You may also like sample retirement resignation letters.

2. The Date in Which the Letter was Made

You’ll need to write this down so that the retiree will know when you took the time to actually make it. Although this doesn’t really have that much of an impact in terms of making the receiver feel appreciated, it’s just for the sake of formality.

3. The Basic Information of the Retiring Employee

You want to address this to the employee that’s actually retiring as you don’t want this letter to end up in the hands of anyone else. So what you’ll need to put in is the retiree’s complete name, address, and the job title if you wish to include it. Just make sure that you spell the retiree’s name right to guarantee that it ends up in his or her hands and to avoid confusion. You may also check out simple retirement letter templates.

4. The First Paragraph

Now you can start on the body of the letter. As you’re writing down the first paragraph, you want to immediately congratulate the employee for his or her successful retirement. It’s always best that you get straight to the point as you don’t want the beginning of the letter to drag on. Next is that you’ll want to state the date in which the employee is going to officially retire from the company to let him or her know that you’ve already heard about the news as to when it’s going to happen. You might be interested in Early retirement letters.

Then you’ll want to point out the things that you’ll miss about the employee or the things that you’ve done together that the you’ve enjoyed. Doing this will let the retiring employee know just how much  you appreciate the times that you’ve spent together. So as you’re writing them down, try not to make it too long as you don’t want to overwhelm the reader, but then don’t make it too short to the point where it seems as if you were in a rush to make it. Basically, just keep it brief but informative. You may also see acceptance of retirement letter templates.

5. The Second Paragraph

This is the section where you want to wish the retiring employee all the best once he or she is officially gone from the company. If you’re the employee’s boss in the situation, then this is the part in which you thank the retiree for everything that he or she has done or whatever he or she has accomplished. Try to elaborate what the employee has done that you’re particularly thankful for, but remember that you shouldn’t go overboard when doing this; find the right balance of this being not too much and not too little. If you’re the retiree’s co-worker, then point out the things you’ve observed that he or she has managed to accomplish while working together. You may also like farewell retirement letter.

6. The Closing Statement

Lastly, if you’re the person that wants to keep in touch with the retiree, then you’ll want to state that into the letter. It’s always nice to have a good relationship with someone that’s just about to leave, even better if you’re close with that person. You may even want to say something like “please keep in touch and let me know how you’re doing every now and then” to show that you really care. This is also the part where you’ll once again provide your contact details to let the retiree know that he or she has a means of contacting you. Just put at least one means of contact as the rest has already been covered at the beginning of the letter. You may also check out resignation retirement letter templates.

And finally, you’ll want to congratulate the employee one last time for his or her successful retirement. Once that’s done, you must then close the letter by writing your complete name and signature at the very bottom.

If you’re going to send this letter via email, then you’ll also want to include a subject line. The point of having a subject line is so that the person who receives the email will already have an idea as to what its contents are going to be without even having the need to open it. So when you’re making this, you’ll want to make sure that it’s straight to the point. So you can title it in a way such as “Congratulations on your retirement” or anything else that’s similar. You might be interested in simple retirement letter to employer.

Congratulations Retirement Letter

Tips for Making Your Congratulations Retirement Letter

Now that you’re done learning what you should put into the letter, the next thing that you’ll need to do is learn how to make it more appealing to the person that you’re writing it for. The more you polish your congratulations retirement letter, then the more the receiver will feel the effort and time that you’ve put into it. Its not always the easiest thing to do, but it will need to be done to show the retiring employee that you wish him or her the best. You may also see retirement letter to colleagues.

So here are a couple of tips that should be able to help you out with that:

1. Always Keep a Polite and Friendly Tone

You’re literally trying to thank someone for all the hard work that he or she has done for the company and congratulating this person for finally being able to retire. It should go to show that you’ll have to keep the tone of the letter as polite and as friendly as possible. Another reason that you would want to do this is because it will help you keep a good relationship with the person that you’re sending this letter to. But let’s say that you’re not exactly close with retiree, yet you still want to congratulate him or her for finally retiring. If that were to happen, then you always have the option to make the tone of the letter more professional than friendly.

2. Never Criticize or Say Anything Negative

If you were going to receive a congratulatory letter, would you like it if it were to contain statements telling you about the problems you’ve had or the negative atmosphere you brought during your run int the company? Receiving something like that would just make you feel bad and that’s exactly what’s going to happen if you send a retiring employee the exact same thing. So it’s best that you control your emotions, keep calm, and not say anything that will make the receiver of the letter view you in a negative light.

If you don’t exactly have anything nice to say about the retiring employee, then you can always just thank him or her for the time spent in the company. It doesn’t matter if you’re the retiree’s boss or co-worker, there should always be that level of respect that needs to be kept to prevent any bad blood from arising.

3. Use Flowery Language, But Only to a Certain Degree

You can allow the tone of the letter to go beyond friendly by being playful with the words that you choose, especially if you’re very close with the person that’s about to retire. However, you need to remember that there’s a limit to how much you should do this as you still want to be serious when it comes to thanking and congratulating the employee for all that he or she has done and for finally being able to retire. You may also see confirmation of retirement letter to employee.

4. Never Make It Longer Than It’s Supposed to Be

While it’s important to point out things like why you’re going to miss the employee, what the two of you have done together, or what accomplishments the employee has gathered, there has to be a limit as to just how much you should point out. Again, you do not want to overwhelm the employee with too much information in the letter as that will just eat up too much of his or her time. So when you do this, just point out the ones that are more important than the rest to save you and the reader the trouble. Just make sure that it’s brief, yet informative enough to convey everything that you want to say about how you feel towards the retiring employee. You may also like retirement notification letter templates.

5. Proofread Your Letter

You do not want to send a person a congratulatory letter that’s unpolished. This will just make you look bad and it will make the receiver feels as if you couldn’t be bothered to make a proper letter. So to prevent that from happening, you’ll need to go over the letter twice to spot and fix any errors immediately. What you’re looking for is any mistakes pertaining to grammar, spelling, or the information you want to share regarding the employee’s retirement. Once you’re done with that, you may then proceed to print out the letter and sending it to the retiring employee.

If you would like to learn more about how to create a congratulatory letter of retirement or anything similar to this particular type of letter, then all you have to do is go to our site. We have all the articles as well as the information that should be able to help you and your business out with whatever is needed.

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