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If your work involves a great deal of writing, you may have had reason to use letterhead templates in the past to help shave some time off the writing process. You would have seen or used such letterheads on practically all your company’s official documents, which should give you some familiarity with using such templates to help you with your work.

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But while you can use different sample professional letterheads to help with making physical documents, you can also use tools like company letterhead templates in Word to help add letterheads to your emails. As we are becoming increasingly dependent on technology, this can be quite a useful aid to help you if you ever need to add such things to your emails.

Sample Email Letterheads

Notification Email Letterhead

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Request Email Letterhead

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Health Care Email Letterhead

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Why You Would Want an Email Letterhead

You may already have some knowledge of why you would need letterhead templates to help you when writing physical documents such as letters and reports. But if you were to add letterheads to your emails, then it might help to be aware of some of the reasons why you might want to do so. This way, if you ever see a need to do this yourself then you should be better prepared for it.

They Can Lend a Sense of Professionalism

You should first know that you can use sample custom letterhead templates on your emails for very similar reasons as adding letterheads to your physical documents, namely that doing so can give your emails a more professional air.

After all, this would give you a golden opportunity to attach an official letterhead to your emails, whether your own or that of your company. This allows you to benefit from having an official letterhead explaining who you are and who you represent, to say nothing of making it much easier for your recipient to get in touch with you later, if need be.

They Can Inform Recipients of the Sender’s Identity

The addition of email letterheads should also give you a better chance to introduce yourself to your recipients. Much like physical letters, you may want to include a letterhead to ease yourself into your message and introduce yourself to your recipient. This can go some way to being polite and avoid simply rushing into your message without preamble.

After all, it always pays to be polite, particularly when conveying official, professional messages. If you happen to be connected to an organization, introducing yourself as part of that body can serve to lend you some of the organization’s authority since you are speaking as a representative of your organization.

They Can List the Organization’s Name

Speaking of including your organization’s name, examples like legal letterheads also make it fairly simple to add the organization’s name to make it easier for your recipients to associate you with your parent organization. This can make communication more prompt, considering that your recipients can be made to understand that you represent another corporate body, and not just yourself.

If you were to simply send an email without a letterhead, your recipient may keep you waiting longer out of ignorance of whom you represent. Adding a letterhead can contribute to avoiding such occurrences and go some way to keeping communications smooth.

They Can Serve to Make the Email More Official

By virtue of adding a letterhead in the first place, your email can also be made a more official document. After all, there is a growing recognition of the importance of electronic documents and records. This is a factor worth considering since electronic documents are becoming increasingly widespread and relevant, then they should be held to the same standard as physical documents.

So you really should consider using email letterheads in order to make it clear that those documents are official documentation for you and your company. Besides, adding the letterheads really does make it clear that they are official as they would have the company’s stamp on them, so to speak.

They Can Contain Contact Information for Further Communication

As a letterhead, your email letterheads would naturally have many of the same elements as regular ones. Part of that observation is the inclusion of your contact information. This is always an important component of letterheads as this is another way of demonstrating your company’s identity and facilitating communication with other parties. This is definitely not something to ignore, even in an email letterhead.

It would still pay to include your email address, if only for the sake of remaining professional. Other information, such as your phone number and address, could prove themselves useful being that these can enable the recipients of your emails to set up meetings with you if that becomes a necessary factor in your dealings with them.

Basic Email Letterhead Templates

Child Care Notice Email Letterhead

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College Email Letterhead

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Security Email Letterhead

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Maintenance Notification Email Letterhead Template

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Where You Can Use Email Letterheads

Another useful thing to know when trying to find out how to use tools like sample law firm letterheads is knowing where you can use them. There are a number of different documents that could benefit from having letterheads added to them, and email letterheads are no different. And if you were to use email letterheads properly, then you definitely need to what documents you can use them with. Some of those documents include:

Cover Letters

You can clearly use professional letterheads and other such letterhead templates when making email cover letters. This would be a pragmatic way of introducing some basic information about yourself to potential employers as that vital data would be placed fairly prominently.

In fact, this would be a wise use of such letterheads as many companies do allow applicants to pass their documents online, including cover letters, resumes, CV’s, and others. In such cases, it would be a very good idea for you to take the time to make a letterhead in the name of presenting yourself as an asset in your application.


In the workplace, you may have noticed that they occasionally send memorandums and other such notifications in order to keep all personnel informed of any changes. The same thing could be done via email, which would necessitate your adding letterheads to your notifications. This can serve as a kind of shortcut to your recipients in the sense that simply seeing the letterhead is already an indicator that the email is an official one.

This is not simply limited to office notifications, but also notifications to other parties such as in case of power interruptions and health warnings. In those cases, the letterhead serves the same purpose of alerting recipients to the official nature of the message, and the potential gravity of the situation, if it is actually serious enough.


Since documents are increasingly likely to be sent electronically rather than physically, this can also apply to emails sent out to other companies, such as business proposals. Since this can be a faster and more efficient means of communicating, it would matter if the emails you sent out convey the proper air and message.

In this case, this can be done by including letterheads so that your recipient can understand that you have serious intentions and that your organization is one that should be taken seriously. One other dimension of including a letterhead is that it becomes much easier for other parties to conduct research on your organization, as well as vice versa.

In the interest of fairness and transparency, it would be a good idea to start conducting research on potential business partners via the information provided on their letterheads, and allow other companies to do the same with you.


If you ever need to send reports via email, then you can also use letterhead templates in Word to make the letterheads for your report emails. This can serve to make it much easier for your superiors to find the relevant emails, particularly if you happened to add a subject as part of your standard letterhead template.

You and your superiors should be able to have an easier time of finding the relevant documents, especially if you decide to keep records of your official emails. After all, there is no reason that you cannot keep accurate records of your electronic documents, especially since they are increasingly relevant nowadays.

Email Letterhead Template Examples

Networking Email Letterhead Template


Official Notification Email Letterhead

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Diagnosis Email Letterhead Template


How to Make Your Own Email Letterheads

One other vital piece of information concerning using email letterheads is knowing how to make and attach them to your emails. This is a fairly straightforward process, which is unsurprising when you consider that examples of free letterhead templates should be relatively simple, uncomplicated tools. In any case, some of the steps that you would have to keep in mind for your work include:

First, create your own letterhead template.

You can take advantage of sample business letterheads in order to give yourself a basic framework around which you can make your own letterheads specific to your conditions. This can give you a basic resource that you can use and modify according to changing circumstances.

This can also serve to save you some time whenever you do need a letterhead for your emails as you already have a basic letterhead applicable to all your emails. In that case, including your letterhead can be as simple as copying and pasting the template to your emails, which can leave you free to focus on the content of your email.

Be sure that the information is up to date.

Of course, you do need to make sure that the information you put into your corporate letterheads is up to date. You should take time every so often to examine your basic letterhead format just to make sure that your recorded data is still correct.

After all, placing wrong data on official documents can be detrimental to your ability to do business, hence the importance of checking up on your templates. This should be applied to such things as changing addresses or professions, or even editing your contact information as you never know where an incorrect piece of information can cause trouble down the line.

Make sure that your letterhead has complete information.

Your letterhead can also be made more useful to your recipients if you ensure that the information contained in it is as complete as possible. You may have noticed that sample company letterhead templates can include different kinds of information such as contact information and website.

This can be vital to giving your recipients more information to prepare them for doing business with you, or just making inquiries if you tell them anything. In any case, it can very much pay to have as complete information as you can get away with in your email letterheads so that you can guarantee that your recipients get everything they need to know out of you.

Include your letterhead at the top of your email.

As is the case with other documents, you should take care to place your email letterhead near the top of your email. This ensures that it will be the first thing that your readers see when then open and read it. This is important as it is can serve to introduce you to your recipient, which would be doubly important if you do not know each other yet. Even in the case of recipients you know, you should be sure to insert the letterhead first so that they have some idea of what to expect from the meat of your email.

Be sure to format the letterhead properly.

When you include the letterhead, you should take care to make sure that it is properly formatted according to the email’s dimensions. After all, you would have to do this when attaching your letterhead to other documents, hence you should do the same with your sample letterhead templates.

This can serve to keep your email more professional as recipients are very likely to notice when you pay attention to details like these. You do want to make a good impression on your recipients, and part of that would depend on having a properly formatted email and letterhead so as to show your recipients that you do not engage in sloppy work.

If you ever needed to use letterheads in your emails, then these insights should serve as useful aids for helping you make the most of such tools in your work.

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